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Why A New York Cheese Buyer Hangs On The Euro's Fate

Most of the cheese at Murray's Cheese Shop comes from Europe. And the cheese buyer's bonus hinges on the future of the euro.

Can Electric Cars Help Automakers Reach 55 MPG?

Fuel-economy standards are set to double by 2025. Electric cars could help reach that goal, but consumers just aren't buying them on a large scale. Beloved by niche markets, the cars face similar challenges as when they first appeared over 100 years ago: a higher price than gas cars and concerns over battery life.

Small Businesses Feel Crunch Of Italy's Debt Woes

The financial markets will be keeping an eye on Italy this week. The country is plagued by high debt and rising interest rates, and the new government faces steep fiscal challenges. Italy is a country of small and medium-sized businesses, and the debt crisis is making it much tougher for them to hang on.

Boston's Leaky Gas Lines May Be Tough On The Trees

Using a mobile gas sensor, researchers have found more than 4,000 significant natural gas leaks while driving through Boston-area roads. The city's gas infrastructure is currently being fixed up, but methane in the leaked natural gas has the potential to harm trees and dry out soil.

For Debt Committee, No Final-Hour Deal Apparent

Monday was to be the deadline for the Congressional Budget Office to release its analysis of the deficit-cutting proposal the supercommittee is to vote on no later than Wednesday. But there's not even an outline of an agreement.

For Retirees, Selling Pensions A Risky Bet

In today's tough economy many people are doing whatever they can to make it through one more mortgage payment or survive other financial hardships that have reached their doorstep. Desperate times often call for desperate measures, and for some retirees that means selling their pensions for a lump sum payment.