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GM CEO: No Apologies For Accepting U.S. Bailout

Three years ago, General Motors was hemorrhaging money until the government decided to bail it out. Today, the company is thriving. GM's CEO Daniel Akerson talks about the resurgence.

Obama's Plan To Kick-Start Housing Market

In his State of the Union address, President Obama unveiled a new plan for the struggling U.S. housing market. As described, the program would let responsible homeowners take advantage of record-low borrowing costs through refinancing. Host Scott Simon talks with New York Times columnist Joe Nocera about the president's plans.

A Mobile Wallet: Cash, Credit, Or... Cell Phone?

Google already offers a way to pay for lunch or groceries using its "Google Wallet" on an Android phone--cell providers and banks aren't far behind with payment systems of their own. Analyst Gilles Ubaghs talks about how coupons and convenience might persuade customers to make the switch.

Women's Car-Shopping Tactics Steer Them Toward Better Deals

When it comes to buying cars, women do their homework — and it pays off. A new report from shows that women "ask different and more thorough questions."

How Do You Take Apart A Floating City?

The crippled cruise ship off the coast of Italy needs to be removed from the area where it ran aground. Joel Farrell, president and founder of Resolve Marine has been salvaging vessels for more than 30 years. Renee Montagne asks him to explain how the half-submerged cruise ship can be salvaged.

9 Cent Cup Of Coffee Goes Up To 50 Cents

A Los Angeles restaurant famous for its 9 cent cup of coffee is raising the price to 45 cents -– 50 cents with tax. Management at Philippe the Original told the Los Angeles Times they can no longer keep up with the cost of coffee.