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Spain's Jobless Benefits Bogged Down by Fraud

Spain officially has Europe's highest jobless rate. That's based on the number of people who register for unemployment benefits, which are some of the most generous on the continent. But many Spaniards still collect a paycheck while they're on the dole.

Company Bets Bad Movies Are Good For Business

There area a lot of bad movies out there. Some movies are so bad that they're good. For some reason people love them. Is there an art to making films that are deliberately bad? Can a company be successful by producing bad movies?

Jeremy Lin Jerseys To Go On Sale In China

Adidas is the exclusive licensed maker of NBA uniforms and fan apparel, and Jeremy Lin's New York Knicks jersey is the No. 1 seller online. The California-born Lin is the child of Taiwanese immigrants. Lin jerseys will be ready for sale in China in the next few days, according to Bloomberg News.

Looking Back On Nixon's Trip To China

Forty years ago Tuesday, President Richard Nixon became the first U.S. president to visit China. Renee Montagne looks back on that day in 1972.

Greece Secures $170 Billion Bailout From Eurozone

Greece is getting a second bailout worth more than $170 billion. While there's more confidence the debt crisis is now better contained, analysts say there's not a lot of confidence Greece will see growth any time soon.

Tech Pioneer Channels Hard Lessons Into Silicon Valley Success

Jen-Hsun Huang's education in the rough environment of eastern Kentucky helped make him a tough player in the tech industry. Now Nvidia, the company he co-founded, makes powerful graphics chips that bring realistic games and movie effects to screens small and large.

Eurozone Ministers Close To Greek Bailout Deal

Host Audie Cornish talks with Eric Westervelt about the decision on whether to grant Greece another bailout, this time worth $171 billion.

With Business Up, Owners Say Banks Lending Again

A big reason for the slow recovery has been that the nation's battered banks haven't been able or willing to lend. There are signs that's changing and that bank lending is helping to support stronger growth.