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Accounting Change Helps Ford Post Big Profit

Ford announced Friday that it made $13.4 billion in the fourth quarter. The large gain was attributed to an accounting change. Without the accounting gain, Ford earned $1.1 billion, which meant it fell short of Wall Street expectations.

Homework Pays Off For Female Car Shoppers

Contrary to what you might have heard, women actually get better deals on cars than men. A new study indicates women do more research when car shopping.

Jack Abramoff Explains The 'Lobbyist Safecracker Method'

What do you do if you're a lobbyist and you need to get in the door to talk to a hostile senator? Start rounding up checks.

Other File-Sharing Sites: 'We're Not Megaupload'

The now-shuttered website's uploader rewards program paid those who put up the most-downloaded content — what might be seen as incentivizing piracy. Now, sites like MediaFire and RapidShare are trying to distance themselves from Megaupload's legal issues and make clear they don't run a similar program.

Apple Continues To Be Plagued By Reports On Labor Conditions

Apple has been taking a lot of heat lately for working conditions at plants making its products in China. Some of the tech giant's largest suppliers are repeat offenders.