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'Serious And Pressing' Violations Found At Foxconn

An audit has found serious violations of Chinese labor laws at some factories that supply parts for Apple products. Robert Siegel speaks with Auret van Heerden, CEO of the Fair Labor Association, about his organization's report on several Foxconn sites in China.

MasterCard, Visa Warn Of Credit Card Data Theft

Just how big the breach was is still unknown but one security expert says it was "massive."
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Apple and Working Conditions in Overseas Factories

Apple announced efforts to improve working conditions in their Chinese factories. Guest host Tom Gjelten and a panel of experts look at overseas employee rights and U.S. consumers.


Apple, Foxconn To Improve Factory Conditions

Apple and its China-based supplier Foxconn have agreed to limit worker overtime and significantly improve health and safety conditions at the plants that produce, among other products, the iPhone and iPad. The move comes after an investigation by the Fair Labor Association found Foxconn factories violate numerous Chinese work rules.

Intrigue For Monday's Show: Mystery Powders

You've heard of mystery meats, how about mystery powders courtesy of the ever-innovative food industry. David Greene and NPR's Allison Aubrey offer up a preview of a potentially stomach-turning mystery.

Stopgap Bill Keeps Transportation Projects Going

President Obama is expected to sign another stopgap funding bill that avoids a weekend shutdown of thousands of transportation construction projects. The measure gives a 90-day funding extension for road, bridge and rail construction projects.

Best Buy Rethinks The Big-Box Model

More and more consumers are buying electronics online instead of at Best Buy's sprawling showrooms. So the struggling electronics retailer is shifting strategy: closing some of its giant stores, opening smaller ones and cutting 400 jobs.