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Nerdfighters Work For Good In D.C. Area

The D.C. area Nerdfighters are creating "awesomeness in the world" by raising money to support various causes around the world.

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“You Didn’t Build That:" Republican Criticisms Of Obama’s Economic Policy

At the RNC, President Barack Obama's "You didn't build that" quote is played on an almost endless loop. Democrats -- and many fact checkers -- say the comments are being taken out of context. But Republicans say it is indicative of a hostile attitude toward small business owners.


Who Really Changes The Economy?

Each presidential candidate is pushing harder to make the case that he would be a better leader for the economy. But technological innovations (such as those by Bill Gates), new business practices, global political shifts and social changes may shape the economy more than a president's policies.

Jobless Claims Saw Little Change Last Week; Four-Week Average Is Up

The numbers mean that the economic recovery continues to be sluggish.

Mortgage Settlement Monitor Issues First Report

So far, the banks have offered more than $10 billion in consumer relief, in the form of refinancing, modifications and loan forgiveness. Bank of America must pay the biggest share of the settlement, But the report showed the bank had not completed any refinancings or principal-reduction modifications.

China To Buy 50 Planes From Airbus

The more than $3.5 billion deal was signed during a visit to China by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

It Wasn't Cheap To Host James Bond-Themed Bash

Sweden's spy agency sanctioned the elegant party last year. It cost more than $650,000 at a time when the government was pushing austerity measures.