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Calif. Health Officials Aid People Facing Astronomic Drug Bills

Specialty medicines have forced some to choose between treatment and paying rent. California will put a lid on the amount anyone enrolled in most Obamacare plans can be charged for high-end medicine.

Confederate Flag Merchandise Is Delicate Topic For Retailers

Some businesses are removing Confederate flag imagery following last week's fatal shootings at a S.C. black church. But not every business is handling the Confederate flag issue in the same way.

S.C. Retailers Caught In The Middle Of Renewed Debate Over Confederate Flag

Some retailers have pulled Confederate-themed items from their shelves after the South Carolina shooting suspect appeared in photos with the flag. The debate over what the flag symbolizes continues.

What's Trending On Instagram? A Battle With Twitter

Instagram wants to be a source for your news. The photo-sharing app is rolling out an update that features trending tags and a beefed-up search tool that should help it compete with Twitter.

As Tastes Shift, Food Giant General Mills Gets A Makeover

General Mills is one of the world's most successful food companies, with iconic brands like Green Giant. But fast-changing tastes are forcing it and other food firms to innovate to stay relevant.

Senate Votes To Advance The White House Trade Agenda

The 60-37 vote clears away procedural hurdles for legislation that would allow the president to negotiate trade pacts and then put them on a so-called fast track through Congress.

Airlines Vs. Airports: A Dogfight Over Fees Imposed On Fliers

Airports want Congress to raise passenger fees to pay for improvements, but airlines say the move would hit passengers in the pocketbook and might discourage people from flying.
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The Greek Debt Crisis And The Threat To The Eurozone

Greece offers its creditors what's been called a last-ditch bail-out plan: The latest on the debt crisis and its ongoing threat to the eurozone.


Anti-Austerity Greek Government Yields Ground At EU Summit

The Greek government has been given some time to work out a deal with its creditors. Eurozone and International Monetary Fund officials are scrutinizing the latest proposal.

Musicians Deny Requests To Allow Their Music To Be Streamed

Taylor Swift fought Apple, and seems to have won: It will pay royalties during the free trial period of its music streaming service. But Swift isn't the only artist to stand up to Internet services.