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Sony Shares Fall To Their Lowest Level Since 1980

The drop on Japan's Nikkei stock exchange follows Thursday's report that the company suffered a net loss of $5.7 billion for the last fiscal year. The once dominant tech company has fallen behind other industry giants like Samsung and Apple, and seen especially heavy losses in its TV division.

JPMorgan Chase Loses $2 Billion In Risky Trades

J.P. Morgan Chase reported $2 billion in losses over the last six weeks, and said there may be more to come. In a news conference shortly after the market closed Thursday, CEO Jamie Dimon said the losses stemmed from a credit default swap that was "poorly executed and poorly monitored."

Where Teenagers Run The Economy

At the High School Fed Challenge, students compete to see who does the best impression of a central banker.

Trying To Avoid Bailout, Spain Takes On Ailing Banks

With public coffers near empty, Spain is poised to inject public money into its banking sector and overhaul the industry. Spanish banks were hit worst when the housing bubble burst, and sour real estate loans threaten to derail the whole economy.
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Residents Wary Of Costco Gas Station In Wheaton

Residents in Montgomery County are pushing for legislation that will require a proposed Costco gas station to be built at least one thousand feet from homes and recreation areas.


Small Post Offices Spared By Postal Service

The U.S. Postal Service announced a strategy Wednesday that will keep the doors open and the counters staffed at the country's smallest post offices. Melissa Block talks with Debra Stadin. She collected signatures to keep the post office in Kerrick, Minn., from closing. She works at the bank next door to the post office, where her daughter Terri is "Post Officer-in-Charge."

Horse Racing: America's Most Dangerous Game?

Two reporters for The New York Times detail their monthslong investigation of America's racetracks. Since 2009, more than 6,600 horses have broken down or showed signs of injury at U.S. racetracks, a rate much higher than in other countries.