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Women's Car-Shopping Tactics Steer Them Toward Better Deals

When it comes to buying cars, women do their homework — and it pays off. A new report from shows that women "ask different and more thorough questions."

How Do You Take Apart A Floating City?

The crippled cruise ship off the coast of Italy needs to be removed from the area where it ran aground. Joel Farrell, president and founder of Resolve Marine has been salvaging vessels for more than 30 years. Renee Montagne asks him to explain how the half-submerged cruise ship can be salvaged.

9 Cent Cup Of Coffee Goes Up To 50 Cents

A Los Angeles restaurant famous for its 9 cent cup of coffee is raising the price to 45 cents -– 50 cents with tax. Management at Philippe the Original told the Los Angeles Times they can no longer keep up with the cost of coffee.

EU Outlines Online Privacy Recommendations

Saturday is European Privacy and Data Protection Day, which will be marked by events across the European Union. It caps off an eventful week with Google announcing controversial new privacy policies, and the EU outlining tough new privacy recommendations it wants to make law.

Accounting Change Helps Ford Post Big Profit

Ford announced Friday that it made $13.4 billion in the fourth quarter. The large gain was attributed to an accounting change. Without the accounting gain, Ford earned $1.1 billion, which meant it fell short of Wall Street expectations.