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NBA Considers Putting Ads On Team Uniforms

At an NBA meeting last week, team owners floated the idea of slapping corporate logos on team uniforms. The New York Times reports three prototypes are being considered. In one, the team name is completely replaced by the name of a sponsor.

Small Businesses Get Big Political Hype. What's The Reality?

The one thing politicians seem to agree on is the value of small businesses — and they love, love, love to talk about them. But the intense focus on small businesses may overstate the economic case.

Rough Patches Behind It, Toyota Tries To Accelerate

Toyota is still the leading foreign carmaker in the U.S., but the company was severely tested by back-to-back crises: in 2010, massive recalls; then last year, the Japan tsunami. Although it lost U.S. market share, Toyota stayed in the black through its darkest hours.

In Noisy Digital Era, 'Elegant' Internet Still Thrives

Before Facebook and MySpace transformed how we interact online, there was another kind of Internet: the SDF network, made up of users connecting via phone lines and code. Around the world, 30,000 computing enthusiasts still use that network today.