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China's Giant Pool Of Dollars

China's foreign-exchange reserves are worth over $3 trillion. That's a problem for China, and for the U.S.

Surging Gas Prices Have Drivers Fuming

Gasoline costs nearly 80 cents more per gallon than it did in January. Motorists dread the trip to the pump and wonder why prices are so high — and when they'll go back down. But growing world demand could mean oil prices will continue to rise in coming years.

Optimism Rising Along With The Number Of New Jobs

The spike in consumer sentiment came as companies began stepping up their hiring in January and February. "People pay close attention to the jobless rate," says Carroll Doherty of the Pew Research Center.

Goldman Faces Criticism From One Of Its Own

Goldman Sachs is facing criticism from one of its own about the bank's corporate culture. The very public executive resignation has lit up the Internet and is putting the investment bank back in the spotlight.

Goldman Sachs Starts To Fire Back At Exec Who Quit In Scathing Op-Ed

Greg Smith's scathing op-ed resignation letter is the talk of Wall Street. Now Goldman Sachs is trying to minimize the damage. And the Web is lighting up with chatter and parodies.

What America Sells To The World

Last year, U.S. exports were worth $2.1 trillion. Which raises a simple question: $2.1 trillion worth of what?