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European Leaders To Meet To Consider Eurozone Fix

When European Union leaders gather later this week, it will be their 19th summit since the Greek financial crisis began to undermine the euro. That was three years ago. After so many inconclusive summits, markets are anxious to see if leaders can finally agree on how to save the euro.

Google Expected To Delve Into Tablet Computers

Microsoft last week unveiled its new tablet computer called Surface. Now buzz is growing that Google will announce plans to produce a digital tablet as well. The announcement could come at this week's Google developers conference. The popularity of the iPad is reshaping computing and forcing the hand of Apple's many competitors.

N.C. School Districts Fight Online Charter School

One of the fastest growing segments of the charter school movement is online charter schools. For-profit company, K-12 Inc., runs online charters in more than two dozens states and wants to expand to North Carolina. But it's run into fierce opposition from public school districts there.

Georgia To Allow Cross-State Health Insurance Sales

Some Republicans have been touting a plan to reduce health insurance costs by allowing insurers to sell plans across state lines. Georgia has passed legislation to allow this to happen, and the new law goes into effect next week. But so far, no insurers have taken Georgia up on the offer.
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Mega Millions Prize Heading To Virginia Literary Fund

The winner of the $250,000 Mega Millions still has not stepped forward, which means the Virginia Literary Fund will receive the money.


The Downside To Owning Your Own Island

Has Oracle CEO Larry Ellison's megadeal to purchase most of a Hawaiian island got you thinking it's high time to buy an isle of your own? There are some things to consider before shelling out for your own piece of paradise.

Why A Strong Yen Means More U.S. Jobs

Japanese car makers are getting killed by the exchange rate, so they're expanding production in the U.S.