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'Avengers' May Mitigate Disney's 'John Carter' Flop

Audie Cornish talks to Sharon Waxman, editor in chief of, about Disney's earnings report that was released Tuesday. Waxman says Disney made $702 million on its new film The Avengers, and took a loss of $200 million on John Carter.

Hospital Food So Fresh, Even The Healthy Come To Dine

You won't find cardboard chicken and mushy carrots at the Fauquier Hospital in Virginia, one of a dozen health care facilities dedicated to improving patient experiences beyond their immediate medical needs. In fact, the hospital's cafeteria has become a hang out for senior diners.
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Betting The Odds: D.C. Sending Large Delegation To Vegas Conference

The D.C. Council is sending a large cadre of representatives to an annual retail and real estate conference in Las Vegas this year, in hopes of making some major deals for the city.


Waiting To Buy Long-Term-Care Insurance Adds Up

Kimberly Lankford, personal finance writer for and Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine, talks to David Greene about the shifting market for long-term-care insurance, and if it is still worth buying.

Olympic Runners Find Unique Was To Raise Funds

Big name medal winners in high-profile Olympic sports can count on support from sponsors. But not so for lesser known athletes. That's forced some of them to take an unorthodox approach to fundraising.

Canadian Firm Will Pay Dividends In Gold

The Gold Bullion Development Corporation, a Montreal-based exploration company, will allow its shareholders to have their dividends paid in gold. Company President Frank Basa has been paid in gold for more than 20 years.

Iowa Community Preserves Short Line Rail Track

In northern Iowa, a group of farmers have banded together to buy nearly 30 miles of railroad track to assure they can get their grain to the ethanol market. Short line tracks are being idled across the country as railroads concentrate on longer trains.

Pink Slime Maker To Close Plants, 650 To Lose Jobs

Officials with Beef Products Incorporated, or BPI, will permanently close three production plants in Iowa, Texas and Kansas by the end of the month. BPI is the maker of finely textured beef. Critics call it pink slime. About 650 people will lose their jobs.