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Venezuela Suffers Through Toilet Paper Shortage

Venezuela is rich in oil, but relies on imports for many basic goods — including toothpaste, soap and toilet paper. For weeks now the country has had a chronic toilet paper shortage. Lawmakers voted to approve a $79 million credit to the government to resolve the issue.

Tesla Proves Critics Wrong

Three years ago President Obama's green energy loan program gave a $455 million federal loan to electric car maker Tesla. Critics bashed the loan as risky. On Wednesday, Tesla announced it had paid that loan back in full – and early.

IRS Official's Silence Riles House Committee Members

On Wednesday, Lois Lerner, the IRS official overseeing the tax-exempt organizations office, refused to testify during a hearing on Capitol Hill, and was attacked by some Republicans on the House committee. Her brief appearance was the beginning of a five-hour session marked by angry outbursts and allegations of political motives.

Jobless Claims Drop, But Stay In Recent Range

There was more of a decline than economists expected, but the weekly pace hasn't really changed much since late 2011.

Judge: Unredeemed Borders Gift Cards Are Worthless

A Manhattan judge upholds a lower court ruling that $210 million worth of unredeemed gift cards from the defunct book chain are no longer valid.

Bernanke: Economy Still Too Shaky To End Low Interest Rates

Over the past several years, the Federal Reserve has added trillions of dollars to its balance sheet, purchasing bonds in order to stimulate the economy. Many investors have been concerned that when the Fed starts selling off those bonds it could create turmoil in the markets. But in Congressional testimony on Wednesday, Ben Bernanke said the Fed might not sell off those bonds at all.

Go East, Young Marijuana Dealer

A San Francisco dealer quadrupled his income by moving to New York after California legalized medical marijuana.