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Broadcast Auction To Pay For Payroll Tax Holiday

Congress has approved an extended payroll tax holiday. One of the ways it will be paid for is through federal auctions of sections of the broadcast spectrum to wireless companies. But consumers are not likely to see the benefits for years.

Bank Customers Complain Of Call Center Run-Around

The $25 billion mortgage settlement between states and major lenders requires banks to provide "a single point of contact" for homeowners seeking to avoid foreclosure. The same requirement was agreed to in a previous deal with banks. But some customers say they're still having lots of trouble getting anyone to return their calls.

Fox Airs 'The Simpsons' 500th Episode

The episode featured a voice cameo by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. In it, the Simpson family is kicked out of their Springfield hometown after the mayor declares them an "unending nightmare." They run into Assange in exile.

Japan Logs Record Trade Deficit In January

Economists blame the slump in exports on a stronger yen, the global economic slowdown and ongoing problems from last year's earthquake and tsunami. Shipments were down 9.3 percent compared with a year earlier.

Miami Boat Show Attracts High-End Crowd

The Miami Boat Show, which is held on Presidents Day weekend, always promises a look at nice, new toys. This year, the show is aiming at the rich and fabulous yachting set. One of the new "yacht toys" being demonstrated: a personal submarine for just $50,000.