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JPMorgan's 'London Whale' Behind Major Losses

Audie Cornish speaks with Bloomberg TV's Wall Street Inside Track correspondent Stephanie Ruhle. She's been reporting on the story of the "London Whale" since last month.

In Greece, Third Bid For Coalition Government Fails

Now, once again the country is on the verge of losing its bailout funds.
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The Cost of Economic Inequality

A discussion about the role of income inequality in today's economy and its consequences for our future.


JPMorgan's $2 Billion Loss, Explained

JPMorgan's "many errors, sloppiness and bad judgment" will hurt the bank's reputation and bolster support for rules limiting banks' ability to make speculative bets.

JPMorgan 'Rogue Trader' Losses Send Chills Through Markets

The largest U.S. bank lost $2 billion due to a single, London-based "rogue trader," the company's CEO admits.

Freddie Mac Names Retired JPMorgan Official CEO

Mortgage broker Freddie Mac named Donald Layton as its new chief executive officer. Layton worked for JPMorgan Chase for nearly 30 years before retiring in 2004.