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Insect Experts Issue 'Urgent' Warning On Using Biotech Seeds

This week, a group of scientists sent a letter to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency urging farmers to stop planting genetically engineered corn with a certain gene because it will no longer protect them from the corn rootworm. If the recommendations are put into practice, it could cause major changes in the way that seed companies like Monsanto do business.

Will Improving Economy Bring Surge Of Job Seekers?

Millions of Americans have stopped looking for work out of frustration over poor job prospects. Millions more seeking full-time work have had to settle for part-time jobs. The U.S. economy has shown glimmers of hope, but economists aren't sure whether that will spur people to start searching anew.
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Smithsonian Hires National Geographic Executive

The Smithsonian Institution has hired a National Geographic executive to head the business side of the museum complex.


Meet Claudia, The High-Tech Cow

At a modern dairy farm, the high-tech advances aren't in machinery. They're inside the cow.

Jobless Rate Steady At 8.3% In February

The Labor Department today reported the nation's jobless rate remained unchanged at 8.3-percent for the month of February, as businesses added 227,000 jobs to payrolls.

Legendary Guitar Maker Fender Files For IPO

Fender is looking to raise some $200 million. The California-based company wants to pay down debt, and get into new markets like India and China. Fender was founded in 1946.

Gamer Double Fine Works Around Publishers

Game-makers are in San Francisco this week for the industry's largest global event. Roughly 20,000 people from 100 countries are there. And a game that hasn't even been created yet is getting lots of attention. It's also exposing the rift between the creative and business minds in this $33 billion industry.