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Signs Of Recovery Emerge After A Long Downturn

Millions of Americans are still searching for jobs or facing home foreclosures. But pockets of strength — found in energy, technology, manufacturing, autos, agriculture and elsewhere — are helping invigorate the broader economy.
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Congressmen Calling For Hearing Into Tax Prep Firm

Two Virginia Congressmen are joining colleagues from other states in calling for a congressional hearing into a tax preparation firm.


Haven Or Hell: Refugees In Idaho Struggle For Work

For years, Boise's strong economy, good-quality affordable housing and supportive community created an especially favorable environment for refugee resettlement. The recession has shifted that picture.

Job Trend More Than A Blip, But U.S. 'Can't Stop'

The American job market is still a long way from healthy, but its pulse feels a lot stronger now than it did six months ago. The improvement is a boon for President Obama as he tries to hold onto his own job in November, but both he and his Republican rivals say 8.3 percent unemployment is not low enough.

Jobs Added In Feb., But Unemployment Holds Steady

The jobs report for February came in a bit stronger than expected. The Labor Department said jobs outside of agriculture grew by 227,000 last month. The unemployment rate held steady at 8.3 percent.

This 14-Year-Old Girl Just Bought A House In Florida

Meet Willow Tufano: Lady Gaga fan, animal lover, landlord. Her life story is the story of Florida's boom and bust.

Insect Experts Issue 'Urgent' Warning On Using Biotech Seeds

This week, a group of scientists sent a letter to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency urging farmers to stop planting genetically engineered corn with a certain gene because it will no longer protect them from the corn rootworm. If the recommendations are put into practice, it could cause major changes in the way that seed companies like Monsanto do business.

Will Improving Economy Bring Surge Of Job Seekers?

Millions of Americans have stopped looking for work out of frustration over poor job prospects. Millions more seeking full-time work have had to settle for part-time jobs. The U.S. economy has shown glimmers of hope, but economists aren't sure whether that will spur people to start searching anew.
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Smithsonian Hires National Geographic Executive

The Smithsonian Institution has hired a National Geographic executive to head the business side of the museum complex.


Meet Claudia, The High-Tech Cow

At a modern dairy farm, the high-tech advances aren't in machinery. They're inside the cow.