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Extreme Makeover, Potato Edition

Will tomorrow's U.S. supermarket stock 10 kinds of potatoes? Potato geneticist Chuck Brown hopes so. He's been working to introduce the American market to purple, orange and red potato varieties, and bring back the sizzle potatoes once enjoyed.

What Can We Do To Fix The Economy?

NPR asked four economists to dream a little. If they could set aside the partisanship in Washington and do one thing to fix what they see as the economy's biggest problem — what would it be? Of course, even the potential solutions have downsides.
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D.C. Dives: Inside the Quarry House Tavern

In our second installment of D.C. Dives, we ramble into the basement of an Indian restaurant to visit the historic Quarry House Tavern.

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Working A Shift With A Veteran Lifeguard

We tag along on a shift with veteran lifeguard Devin Rudnick.


How Climate Change Is Changing The Oyster Business

Oyster farmers have developed coping strategies for the higher levels of carbon dioxide that make it hard to grow oysters off the West Coast. But some scientists warn that the problem is only going to get worse.

Jobless Claims Rose By 8,000 Last Week

Gauging just what's going on with claims is proving difficult, however, because of some positive news: automakers have been skipping their standard summer shutdowns. So layoffs have likely been lower than normal.

Drones: From War Weapon To Homemade Toy

Drones are no longer the sole province of the U.S. military and intelligence agencies. They are starting to appear in U.S. skies. Police are employing them to fight crime. Enthusiasts are making their own at home. Rules governing their use are changing, and civil liberties groups are calling for privacy restrictions.

Amazon Takes Entertainment Step With App Offerings

Amazon is positioning itself to be a bigger player in the digital music and movie market. This week, the company announced that it would be offering its movie and music apps on more devices including Apple's iPad. NPR's Laura Sydell has the story.

After Revolution, Cinnabon Sweetens Libyan Capital

In Libya, now that the revolution is over, you can have a Cinnabon. That cinnamon smell that flavors the air in food courts and airports around this country is now wafting through downtown Tripoli, Libya's capital.