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Hollywood Wants A Piece Of The Action In China's Movie Market

Box office receipts in China reached new highs last year, and American filmmakers want to tap into that market. Host Michel Martin speaks with Los Angeles Times reporter John Horn, about the growth of the Chinese movie market, and how Hollywood plans to cash in.

Toledo, Ohio: Chinese Investment Wanted

Mayor Michael Bell hopes Chinese investment will help revive his blue-collar city. He helped broker a deal to sell a chunk of Toledo's waterfront to Chinese investors. Host Michel Martin and Mayor Bell discuss investments with China and what he thinks President Obama and China President Xi Jinping can accomplish during their U.S. visit.

Chrysler 'Puts Reputation At Risk' By Rejecting Recall

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wants the automaker to recall 2.7 million older Jeep Cherokees and Libertys. The agency says there's a risk of fire in rear-end collisions. Chrysler says data don't support that conclusion.

Job Growth Stayed Slow In May, Report Signals

Government spending cuts and higher taxes are weighing on the economy, experts say. According to the latest ADP National Employment Report, just 135,000 jobs were added to private payrolls.

Jobs Outlook Is Brighter For Class Of 2013

This year's graduates — whether from high school, community college or a four-year college — are finding better job prospects than at any time since 2008. Overall starting salaries for college grads are expected to rise 5.3 percent this year.
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Health Insurance Exchanges

Open enrollment for health insurance through state exchanges begins Oct. 1. The push to get the systems up and running and Americans signed up.