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Amazon Gets Rights To Publish James Bond Novels

Amazon has acquired the rights to publish all 14 of the classic James Bond novels. More than 100 million Bond books have been sold worldwide. But this deal is just for North American publishing, and only for the next decade.

Citigroup's Historic Shareholder Vote Is Non-Binding

At their annual meeting, Citigroup shareholders gave a no-confidence vote to a $15 million compensation package for the company's CEO. It's the first time this kind of vote has happened at a Wall Street firm. Lynn Neary talks to Columbia University Law School professor Robert Jackson about the implications of the vote.

Ford To Build Factory In Eastern China

The $760 million factory is part of Ford's plan to double its production there by 2015. The new factory should up Ford's production in China to 1.2million cars — about half of what it produces in the U.S.

Cruise Ship Didn't Aid Drifting Boat, Passengers Say

It was international news when a small fishing boat was found adrift at sea several hundred miles from the Panama town where it launched, with only one survivor. Now allegations have emerged that weeks earlier, while the men were still alive, an American-based cruise ship saw them, but didn't help.

Why Lobbyists Dodge Calls From Congressmen

We imagine the lobbyist stalking the halls of Congress trying to use cash to influence important people. But often, the Congressman is stalking the lobbyist, asking for money.

Most Small Businesses Don't Quite Fit The Political Picture

The House is scheduled to vote Thursday on a GOP measure to cut taxes on small businesses, ostensibly to create jobs. An analysis of government data shows that most small businesses don't have any employees beyond the owner. To qualify for the new tax break, they'd have to change that.

What We Can Learn From Warren Buffett's Prostate Cancer

Billionaire Warren Buffett was tested for prostate cancer at an age when most men are not. The evidence suggests that in most cases the harms of treatment of prostate cancer in elderly men outweigh its benefits.