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Google Shows Map Features, Apple Likely To Follow

Google has announced new features in its mapping service such as 3D and offline maps. The unveiling came just days before Apple is expected to announce its own mapping software.

Nasdaq To Pay For Botched Facebook Trades

The Nasdaq stock exchange will pay $40 million in compensation for troubled trades that occurred during Facebook's initial public offering. Nasdaq clients lost millions of dollars because of computer glitches. The opening trade was delayed by more than 30 minutes, and many investors were unsure if their trades had gone through.

How The Housing Industry Affects Students' Future

New research shows that booms and busts in the housing industry help determine where high school students apply for college. Booms trigger applications to better colleges, busts to lesser quality schools.

Wis. Recall Results Strike A Blow To Labor

Public sector unions in Wisconsin targeted Republican Governor Scott Walker and lost. He easily survived a recall vote. His victory leaves many asking the question: What's next for organized labor.

Planned E.U. Oil Embargo Looks Set To Squeeze Iran

The European Union is set to stop all purchases of Iranian oil on July 1. Exports are already down, and lower prices means less profit on sales that do go through. So far, Tehran refuses to budge on its nuclear activities. But analysts say Iran has no clear way around the boycott.

Good Times For Airlines, So Where Are The Deals?

As the price of oil trickles down, the airline industry is projected to have a historic good year. Whether passengers will see cheaper airfares or fewer fees as a result is still up in the air.