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GM Looks To Protect Green Image With Volt Fixes

The voluntary move allows GM to avoid the bad publicity and federal monitoring that come with a formal recall, after the vehicles' batteries have caught fire following crash tests. GM has a huge incentive to protect the image of the Volt, which burnishes its image as a more innovative brand.

Calif. Woman Takes Honda To Small Claims Court Over Hybrid Mileage

Heather Peters argues her hybrid never got the 50 miles to the gallon promised by Honda. She took the case to small claims court, because there Honda can't be represented by high-priced attorneys.

The Race To Dig Deeper Ports For Bigger Cargo Ships

Many environmental concerns are starting to surface as East Coast cities plan to dredge their ports — like in Miami, where engineers would drill for two years to deepen Biscayne Bay's limestone bottom. But like many cities, Miami wants business from new cargo ships from the Panama Canal.

GM Tries To Quiet Concerns About Chevy Volt

General Motors is scrambling to quiet concerns about fire dangers involving its high-profile electric hybrid car, the Chevy Volt. GM is asking Volt owners to bring in their hybrid electric cars for what it calls "enhancements."

Cordray Discusses His New Position

Robert Siegel speaks with newly appointed director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Richard Cordray.

L.A. Woman Files Suit Against Honda

When Heather Peters of Los Angeles bought a 2006 Civic Hybrid, she was told the car would get 50 miles per gallon. But, the car never got more than 42 miles per gallon on its best day, she says — and only 30 miles per gallon after a system upgrade. She declined an offer to join a class-action suit brought by similarly frustrated Civic Hybrid owners, and she is now suing the automaker Honda in a California small claims court — asking for $10,000. Melissa Block speaks with Andrea Chang of the Los Angeles Times, who's been covering the story.
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Laurel Mall Retailers Brace For Big Changes

As developers prepare to demolish Maryland's decades-old Laurel Mall, the retailers who call the space home are bracing for big changes.

The Real Holiday Party For Weight Loss Firms? It's Now

The first week of the year means big profits for weight-loss firms. Some companies are looking to expand their customer base by specifically targeting men. Others are teaming up with big employers.