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Profit-Sharing Checks Replace Autoworkers Raises

Ford Motor Company will soon hand out record profit-sharing checks to its hourly employees. At General Motors, profit-sharing checks are expected to be pretty fat, too. Profit sharing appears to have permanently replaced the expectation of a guaranteed hourly wage increase at Detroit's Big Three.

192,000 Jobs Added To Payrolls This Month, Report Signals

The latest ADP National Employment Report seems to show a modest uptick in employment growth as 2013 began. But it comes after a surprisingly downbeat report about how the economy was doing as it ended 2012.

Economy Shrank At 0.1 Percent Annual Rate In Fourth Quarter

The economy had not contracted in any quarter since the spring of 2009. Among the reasons why there wasn't growth in the last three months of 2012: steep cuts in defense spending.

Report: Your Salary Data May Be For Sale

NBC News reports that the Equifax credit reporting agency has collected wage records on about one-third of American adults. Some has then been sold to "debt collectors, financial service companies and other entities." It's all legal, but is viewed by some as a huge breach of privacy.

In China, The Government Isn't The Only Spy Game In Town

Increasingly, China's surveillance state has extended to include Chinese individuals spying on one another. Former journalist Qi Hong has helped ordinary citizens and government officials alike detect bugs and hidden cameras planted by others. In one year, his bug hunt turned up more than 300 devices for a hundred friends.

Study: Nearly Half In U.S. Lack Financial Safety Net

In his inaugural address, President Obama envisioned a nation where even "the poorest child knows she has the same chance to succeed as anyone else." But a new report finds that 44 percent of Americans do not have the savings to cover basic expenses for three months if they lose their income.

Debate Over Rebuilding Beaches Post-Sandy Creates Waves

Federal disaster aid could mean billions more for rebuilding eroded beaches. Supporters say doing so offers crucial protection against storms. But longtime critics charge it's counterproductive and a waste of taxpayer dollars, especially in an era of sea-level rise.

Paul Krugman's Unconventional Outlook On The Economy

Throughout the debate over the debt and deficit, New York Times columnist Paul Krugman has argued that the deficit isn't so bad in the short run. Krugman, who received the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2008, explains why he believes fiscal austerity is not the solution to debt problems.

Retirement Accounts: Don't Rob Peter To Pay Paul!

A significant number of American workers are dipping into their retirement accounts to help pay for everyday expenses, despite warnings that it could seriously compromise their financial health. Host Michel Martin speaks with Washington Post reporter Michael Fletcher about the consequences of tapping retirement funds early.