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Klout Reworks Online Scoring Formula

The company says it can measure your online influence by using a special algorithm. It has just reworked the way it calculates influence. As it turns out, President Obama now has a higher score than Justin Bieber.

Athletes Use Olympics, Web Followers To Up Deals

Renee Montagne talks to Emily Steel of the Financial Times about Olympic athletes turning gold — into gold. When securing big-money endorsements, it's not just the medals that count, it's the followers and friends, too.

Kentucky, W.Va., To Ship Coal To India For 25 Years

Record low natural gas prices and a warm winter have the coal industry suffering through a tough year. But in India, there is a huge demand for coal. The governor of Kentucky has announced a $7 billion deal that ships coal from Kentucky and West Virginia to India for the next 25 years.

Everybody Always Thinks Inflation Is Higher Than It Really Is

"When prices go up, they notice it. When prices go down, they don't care."

Johnson & Johnson Pledges To Purge Controversial Chemicals

The health products giant affirmed the safety of the chemicals in question but acknowledged that hasn't been enough to satisfy some critics. The chemicals on the way out range from triclosan, an antibacterial ingredient, to others that release small amounts of formaldehyde.
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Public Power To The People?

More than 2,000 communities around the country are served by publicly-owned electric utilities. What would it take to have "public power" in the Washington region?


Inflation Stayed In Check Last Month: No Change In July

A sluggish economy has kept prices from rising. But a recent uptick in the price of gasoline and the effects of this summer's drought on food costs could put some upward pressure on inflation in coming months.