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Twinkies, Ho Hos, Other Hostess Cakes To Return On July 15

After disappearing when Hostess went into bankruptcy last year, the snack cakes that supposedly last forever are now really going to live on. New owners are bringing them back.

Not Local Food, And Not Afraid To Say It

Boloco is a chain of burrito restaurants that prides itself on ethical food sourcing. In a series of YouTube videos, its CEO unwraps his company's burritos and shouts from the rooftops about their decidedly distant origins.

Running Concierge Really Needs To Know How To Move

The Westin Hotel chain is looking for someone to be a professional trainer for guests as they travel to cities across the country participating in Rock 'n' Roll Marathons. That's a themed series of marathons featuring live bands and cheerleaders along the route. Westin is one of the corporate sponsors.

Chinese Stocks Suffer Big Losses

Major indexes in China closed down more than 5 percent Monday — making it the worst day for losses since 2009. The plunge reverberated, weighing down markets across Asia.

Political Conservatives Stage App-Building Competition

Design an app based on the idea of "economic liberty." That's what some 200 technologists raced to do over the weekend in San Francisco at a Koch Institute-sponsored hackathon. The event is meant to bridge the gap between Washington, D.C. and Silicon Valley. But what does that actually mean?

DuckDuckGo Benefits From Internet Searchers Wanting Privacy

Online search engines that protect users' privacy are seeing a spike in traffic after the NSA surveillance revelations. DuckDuckGo, which does not track users at all, says it's seen record-breaking traffic.

Can An Old Massachusetts Fishing Port Light The World Again?

Once known as the City That Lit the World, New Beford's whale oil powered candles and lamps around the country. Now, the Massachusetts city wants to become an energy capital again, but this time with offshore wind.

Why The AR-15 Is More Than Just A Gun

For some, it's a symbol of America's might. For others, it's a frightening weapon of warfare. For many target-shooting hobbyists, it's "the Mr. Potato Head of firearms" — customizable to fit each individual. And it's all part of what is now a nearly billion-dollar business in military-style weapons.
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Landmark Mall To Get A New Lease On Life

One of Northern Virginia's emptiest shopping malls is about to get a makeover, but it comes at the expense of some tenants.


Breaking Into The Business World With 'Woman-Friendly' Model

Entrepreneur Dame Stephanie Shirley founded a software company in 1962. She wanted to approach the tech industry in a new way, opening the field for more women to join in.