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Norwalk, Ct., Schools Avert Budget Crisis

Like many cities, Norwalk has been repeatedly forced to cut its school budget. But this year, a $10 million shortfall forced a demand for even steeper cuts and big concessions from the teachers union. As the new school year begins, wounds are still deep after the frustrating budget battle.

For Oil Refineries, Isaac Was 'Mostly A Nonevent'

The major oil companies are looking to restart oil production in the Gulf of Mexico as quickly as possible, now that Isaac has passed. With nearly all the production platforms shut down, many people expected to see a rise in oil prices. But instead, they fell.

Two Sides Prepare For Vote On Genetically Modified Labeling In Calif.

Supporters of the labeling measure have raised about $800,000. The amount is dwarfed by the nearly $25 million raised by food industry opponents.

On the Farmers Market Frontier, It's Not Just About Profit

The farmers markets opening up in lower-income neighborhoods may not be as good a business for farmers, but they're helping build community. And they're making fresh food available that people might have thought was outside of their budget.

Despite Drought, Some Corn Farmers Reap Bounty

For every farmer who is hurting this year during the drought, others are benefiting. Many fields in the South, Northwest and Upper Midwest are producing bountiful corn crops. And because the drought has pushed prices to record highs, farmers who have corn to sell expect a terrific payday.
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Nerdfighters Work For Good In D.C. Area

The D.C. area Nerdfighters are creating "awesomeness in the world" by raising money to support various causes around the world.

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“You Didn’t Build That:" Republican Criticisms Of Obama’s Economic Policy

At the RNC, President Barack Obama's "You didn't build that" quote is played on an almost endless loop. Democrats -- and many fact checkers -- say the comments are being taken out of context. But Republicans say it is indicative of a hostile attitude toward small business owners.