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Consumer Bureau Targets Improper Floreclosures

The head of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau says he wants to "extend new protections to consumers against the kind of shabby customer service and law-breaking by mortgage servicers that has been so thoroughly documented." The bureau has proposed new rules to help homeowners facing foreclosure. But housing advocates say it will all depend on enforcement.

Math Model Helps Predict Olympic Medal Winners

Researchers used economic principles to predict which countries would win the most medals at the London Olympic Games. The study was 95 percent accurate for the 2008 games. And this time around, it was 97.7 percent accurate.

Gasoline Prices Keep Moving Higher

Prices at the pump jumped 18 cents over the last couple weeks which is the biggest increase so far this year. The Lundberg Survey shows that heading into the weekend, the national average price of a gallon of self-serve was $3.69. Analysts say the spike is in part because of some refinery and pipeline issues across the country.

Maine Lobstermen Give Farming Sea Scallops A Try

As more areas are becoming overfished, fishermen and scientists in Maine are developing a way to farm scallops instead of catching them. It's said to be safer for the environment and brings in more money, but the method isn't approved yet.

Small Investors Stay Wary Of Betting On Wall Street

The stock market has been rising lately, but a lot of small investors are sitting the rally out. After years of watching their 401(k)s lose ground, it's hard to convince people to trust stocks with their money — if they still have any.

"Dr. Doom" Takes A Look At The Economy

Weekend Edition Sunday guest host Linda Wertheimer interviews Nouriel Roubini, whose nickname is Dr. Doom, for the second installment in her series of big idea conversations with leading economists.