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Employment Is Up. Paychecks, Not So Much

Hopes that wages may finally be solidly on the rise were dashed in Friday's jobs report. While employers added 252,000 new jobs, average hourly earnings actually dipped.

In Vegas, Intel Hopes A Smart Idea Takes Flight

Chipmaker Intel made Silicon Valley possible. But now the company is searching for a new identity — and business stream. As consumers abandon PCs, the CEO is looking toward an untested area.

House OKs Keystone XL Pipeline Despite Obama Veto Threat

The vote came hours after Nebraska's Supreme Court cleared the way for the controversial pipeline. The GOP-controlled Senate is also considering legislation to approve the pipeline.

Unemployment Dips To 5.6 Percent As Economy Adds 252K Jobs

December's job growth caps a 2014 that saw the most jobs added to the economy since 1999.

Not All Publications Reprint Material From 'Charlie Hebdo'

The attack on the satiric magazine has confronted news organizations with a dilemma: whether to republish or broadcast images of the offending cartoons that appear to have inspired the shootings.

Economists Expect Strong Job Growth In December

There's more than the usual level of interest in this data. It will provide data on the final month of 2014 and it will show whether the strength recorded in November was the start of something big.

Obama In Tennessee To Promote Free Community College

President Obama is on the road as part of his effort to jump-start his 2015 agenda. Today he's in Tennessee, talking about higher education.

Honda Fined $70 Million For Underreporting Deaths And Injuries

The National Highway Safety Administration says the Japanese automaker failed to report over 1,700 death and injury claims over 11 years.

Out Of the Shadows And Onto Menus: Foie Gras Is Back In California

Chefs across California are celebrating a judge's decision to end the state's ban on the sale of foie gras. Many had continued to serve the delicacy, made from fatty duck or goose liver, illegally.

Privacy, Security Focal Points At CES

From Goldkey's smart watch that can make encrypted phone calls, to the iWallet that prevents hackers from stealing your credit card information, tech companies at CES are focusing this year on privacy gadgets. Melissa Block talks to CNET's Lindsey Turrentine about the latest in personal privacy technology at this week's International Consumer Electronics Show.