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For Military Personnel, High-Interest Lenders Aren't Far Away

Military communities across the country are enticing targets for high-interest lenders, but the story plays out with particular intensity in Virginia, which offers a geographical advantage because car-title lending is not legal in bordering states. And inside the commonwealth, the industry continues to offer new products that avoid regulatory scrutiny.


After Employees Mob Air France Executives, French Government Gets Involved

Executives were taking part in meetings about how the company would slash nearly 3,000 jobs when hundreds of workers stormed the Air France offices Monday.

FAA Proposes $1.9 Million Fine Against Photo Company Over Drone Use

The Federal Aviation Administration said it was the largest civil penalty the agency has ever proposed after drone use allegedly endangered airspace safety.

This We Do Know About TPP: The Shouting Is Already Loud

When President Obama announced a massive trade deal on Monday, he heard cheers from business groups. But the unions and public-interest groups that usually support him rejected the trade proposal.

Microsoft's Satya Nadella Travels The World Looking For The Next Big Idea

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was in Mexico last week on a high-profile visit. Now that smartphones and Internet access have become so universal, the next billion-dollar idea could come from anywhere.

China Is Absent From Trans-Pacific Trade Deal

The TPP is a key part of the Obama administration's pivot to Asia, strapping together the economies of several Asian nations to the U.S. It's also a counter to China's growing influence in the region.

Internet Access Expands In Cuba — For Those Who Can Afford It

There's a growing number of WiFi hotspots, but access for an hour can cost a couple days' salary. It's leading to a sharp divide between those who can and can't afford it.

DuPont CEO Set To Exit This Month

Ellen Kullman says she plans to retire on Oct. 16. DuPont's stock was recently down nearly 40 percent from a peak in March.

U.S., Pacific Rim Nations Reach Agreement On Trade Deal

The U.S. and 11 Pacific Rim nations reached an agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Monday.

Coast Guard Says Cargo Ship Sank; Body Of 1 Crew Member Found

A relative of one of the ship's crew members says the man likely perished but that the family is still holding out some hope that he could be brought back alive.