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Behind The War On Terror's Dark Curtain

In a new book, The Black Banners, former FBI interrogator Ali H. Soufan reveals secrets about both the operations of terrorists as well as the American operations to locate and bring them to justice.

After Burn Injuries, Sept. 11 Survivor Shows 'Strength'

Lauren Manning was one of the few employees of her firm to survive the attacks on the World Trade Center, but suffered massive burn injuries. She credits her will to survive to the memory of her colleagues. "I took absolute personal responsibility that they wouldn't get another one," she says.

Three-Minute Fiction Round 7: Arriving And Leaving

For Round 7 of the writing contest, submissions must have a character come to town and someone leave town. Each piece of writing has to be read in less than three minutes, so no longer than 600 words. This round will be judged by author Danielle Evans.

An Anthology, And A Life, Full Of 'Funny Stuff'

In essays, weekly poems, and books, the writer Calvin Trillin has turned a humorous eye on topics from the news, as well as his life, for the last forty years. Now a new book, Quite Enough of Calvin Trillin, collects that work.

A Creepy Collection Of Supernatural Delights

Scary landscapes and spirit creatures appear in many ghost stories. But author Alan Heathcock knows that for the best of them, only the writings of Algernon Blackwood will do. These spooky tales will have you shivering with fright and delight.

A Libyan Son Mourns His Father's 'Disappearance'

In his novel Anatomy of a Disappearance, Hisham Matar tells the tale of a father kidnapped — much like his own. Matar's father, a vocal opponent of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, disappeared 20 years ago. No one knows if he is dead or alive. "Living in hope is a really terrible thing," Matar says.