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In 'Arabia,' Writing Life As You Wish You'd Lived It

Dana Spiotta's third novel, Stone Arabia, is about an aging musician who never achieved the type of success he'd have liked. Rather than giving up, he chronicles an imaginary version of his life — as a successful rock star recording his career in a series of journals.

'Unauthorized' Book On WikiLeaks' Assange Released

The publisher says it released the book because the WikiLeaks founder received a six-figure advance but then changed his mind and kept the money. In the memoir, Assange says he did not sexually assault two women who have accused him of rape.

WWII Survivor Stirs Literary World With 'Outrage'

One of the literary world's unexpected successes over the past year has been a book written by former French resistance fighter Stephane Hessel. In Time for Outrage, Hessel calls for young people to resist the injustices of today's world — and he seems to have struck a nerve.

Our Basest Desires: The Cruel Chaos Of Revolution

Robert Stone's characters fall all over the moral spectrum, but between a revolutionary nun, a treacherous spy and an alienated anthropologist, they certainly make for good reading. Author Roland Merullo recommends Stone's A Flag for Sunrise, a rich depiction of Central America in the turbulent '70s.

Roger Ebert: A Critic Reflects On 'Life Itself'

Roger Ebert tackles lowbrow and highbrow topics alike in his memoir; critic John Powers says the chronicle is sunny and hopeful — just like Ebert himself.

Love Longitude? 'Maphead' Locates Geography Buffs

Former Jeopardy! champ Ken Jennings charts what he calls "the wide, weird world of geography" in his latest book, Maphead. He profiles Google Maps engineers, geocachers, imaginary mapmakers, map collectors, geography bee contestants and "road geeks."