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'Round House,' 'Forevers' Win National Book Awards

The National Book Awards announced Wednesday night honored both longtime writers and new authors, from Louise Erdrich for her novel The Round House, to Katherine Boo for her debut nonfiction work, Beyond the Beautiful Forevers.

Louise Erdrich's 'The Round House' Wins National Book Award For Fiction

Erdrich's novel is laced with emotional nuance, and demonstrates in painful detail the legal and cultural obstacles to prosecuting rapists on a North Dakota reservation. Katherine Boo's acclaimed Behind the Beautiful Forevers – about life in a slum in Mumbai, India — won the nonfiction award.

Book Review: 'The Lawgiver'

Critic Alan Cheuse reviews the latest work from nonagenarian Herman Wouk called The Lawgiver.

'Antidote' Prescribes A 'Negative Path To Happiness'

In his new book, Oliver Burkeman shuns motivational seminars and the power of positive thinking in favor of uncertainty, insecurity and even pessimism. "Trying to let [negative] feelings be and not always struggling to stamp them out is a more fruitful alternative," he says.

'Testament Of Mary' Gives Fiery Voice To The Virgin

Irish writer Colm Toibin's novella recounts familiar stories of the New Testament, as seen through the eyes of Jesus' mother. But this isn't the iconic blushing virgin you're used to seeing. Toibin's Mary is modeled after the fierce heroines of Greek tragedies — and she is filled with anger.

Salman Rushdie, John Le Carre End Literary Feud

The feud began in 1997 in the letters pages of the Guardian, with Rushdie calling the author of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy "a pompous ass" and Le Carre accusing the author of The Satanic Verses of "self-canonization." Both writers now say they regret the literary war of words, and speak of their mutual admiration.