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Transcending Hardships By Saving Others In 'Constellation'

In his debut novel, A Constellation of Vital Phenomena, Anthony Marra takes readers to the war-torn republic of Chechnya. People disappear, informers betray and those with humanity endure great hardships.

A Spy's Son Grapples With A Lifetime Of Secrets

When Scott Johnson was 14, his father told him he was a spy for the CIA. At first it was exciting, but as Johnson grew older, he began to wonder just how much his father was keeping from him. In The Wolf and the Watchman, Johnson explores their complicated relationship.

The Magic Was Behind The Scenes On 'Mary Tyler Moore'

Host Rachel Martin talked to Jennifer Keishin Armstrong, about her new book "Mary, and Lou, and Ted and Rhoda" which profiles the women who wrote Mary Richards after their own lives.

A Lost And Found 'Wonder': Pearl S. Buck's Final Novel

Before her death in 1973, Pearl S. Buck wrote one final novel. But The Eternal Wonder languished in a Texas storage unit for decades until its discovery last fall.

Three-Minute Fiction Readings: 'Geometry' And 'Snowflake'

NPR's Bob Mondello and Susan Stamberg read excerpts of two of the best submissions for Round 11 of our short story contest. They read Snowflake by Winona Wendth of Lancaster, Mass., and Geometry by Eugenie Montague of Los Angeles.

'Steal The Menu': A Chronicle Of A Career In Food Coverage

When Raymond Sokolov began writing about food, it was considered a specialty portfolio. Today, celebrity chefs abound in the U.S. and Britain, with cookbooks, TV shows and groupies. Host Scott Simon speaks with Sokolov about his new book, Steal the Menu: A Memoir of Forty Years in Food.

A Race Against Time To Find WWI's Last 'Doughboys'

In 2003, Richard Rubin set out to talk to every American veteran of World War I he could find. With help from the French, he tracked down dozens of centenarian vets and recorded their stories in a new book called The Last of the Doughboys.

Book Review: 'Love Is Power, Or Something Like That'

Alan Cheuse reviews a collection of short stories called Love is Power, Or Something Like That by A. Igoni Barrett