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A Widow's Quiet Life Leaves Room For Sex, Guns And Literature

Not much happens in An Unnecessary Woman, Lebanese-American author Rabih Alameddine's novel about an elderly recluse who spends her time reading and translating. But what does happen shows a life in all its mundane, unconventional brilliance.

Are We Having Fun Yet? New Book Explores The Paradox Of Parenting

Kids can be magical and maddening. The title of Jennifer Senior's book — All Joy and No Fun — contrasts the strains of day-to-day parenting with the transcendent experience of raising a child.
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Jennifer Senior: "All Joy And No Fun: The Paradox Of Modern Parenthood"

Countless studies, scholarly articles and self-help books have considered the effect parents have on their children at every stage of their lives. But what about the effect kids have on their parents?


'Unnecessary Woman' Lives On The Margins, Enveloped In Books

Writer Rabih Alameddine's says his new novel offers a Middle Eastern perspective rarely seen in the U.S. The 72-year-old title character lives alone in Beirut, consumed by translating her favorite books into Arabic. The Unnecessary Woman explores the "push-pull" between our solitary and social lives.

Amazon Plunges Into Christian Publishing With Waterfall Imprint

Amazon has joined the legions of mainstream publishing houses with a religious imprint, Waterfall Press. But Waterfall isn't just religious — it's specifically Christian. Yale seminarian Win Bassett tells NPR that Christian publishing is a billion-dollar business that includes some surprising authors.

Gothic Thriller Takes Two Young Girls Down A 'Dark Road To Mercy'

Wiley Cash's new novel follows two sisters whose errant father kidnaps them out of foster care after their mother dies. Cash tells NPR's Rachel Martin about his decision to set the story during Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa's 1998 home run battle.

American Muslim Men Balance Faith And Love In 'Salaam'

American Muslim author Haroon Moghul was bound and determined to go to his high school prom — and he wrote about it for the new essay collection, Salaam, Love: American Muslim Men on Love, Sex and Intimacy. Moghul tells NPR's Rachel Martin that he thought the experience might help him understand himself better.

Anna Quindlen Spins A Tale Of Middle-Aged Reinvention

Still Life With Bread Crumbs follows a photographer who is no longer married, no longer needed as much by her grown son and no longer as successful as she used to be. When her funds start to dry up, she heads to a small, rural town for a fresh start.

Growing Up Muslim In Massachusetts

What exactly do Muslim men want? That's the theme of a book of essays coming out this week called Salaam, Love. Writer Haroon Moghul tackles growing up as an Indian Muslim kid in Massachusetts in an essay in the book. He talks with NPR's Rachel Martin.

Amazon Publishing Launches Christian Imprint

The online superstore Amazon has announced it will publish Christian books under a new imprint called Waterfall Press. Yale Divinity School seminarian and writer Win Bassett tells NPR's Rachel Martin that Christian books are a significant piece of the publishing pie in America.