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The Legacy Of Nuclear Power

Kojo explores our historical love-hate relationship with the power, potential and peril of nuclear energy.


It Was The Best Of Sentences ...

Editors at The American Scholar magazine picked the 10 best sentences from fiction and nonfiction, with authors ranging from Toni Morrison to James Joyce.

In Karen Russell's World Sleep Is For The Lucky Few

Karen Russell has set her latest story in a terrible future where insomnia has become a national crisis. Sleep Donation is a digital download from a new publisher called Atavist Books.

'Sleep Donation': A Dark, Futuristic Lullaby For Insomniacs

Karen Russell's new book imagines a mysterious insomnia epidemic so serious that many are dying from lack of sleep. But the cure — sleep donations from babies — is hard to swallow.

'Redeployment' Explores Iraq War's Physical And Psychic Costs

In his short story collection, former Marine Phil Klay takes his experience in Iraq and clarifies it, lucidly tracing the moral, political and psychological curlicues of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Walter Mosley: To End Race, We Have To Recognize 'White' Doesn't Exist

Walter Mosley's writing inspired Hollywood filmmakers and a generation of black writers. He's now being honored at the National Black Writers' Conference. He talks about the award and his new book.

'Sous Chef' Reveals The High-Adrenaline Dance Behind Your Dinner

In his new memoir, sous chef Michael Gibney spends 24 hours on the line, capturing the rhythm of a New York restaurant kitchen — from quiet morning prep work to dinner hour in full swing.

'Thief' Delivers An Unfiltered Depiction Of Life In Lagos

Teju Cole's latest book describes a young New York doctor's visit back to his Nigerian hometown, where he encounters a Clockwork Orange world of misery and corruption.

For Writer, 'The Hard Way' Meant Choosing To Stay In Akron, Ohio

David Giffels spent his whole life watching people — friends, colleagues, LeBron James — leave his hometown. In a new book, he reflects on the effects of those departures.

A Homecoming, Minus The Nostalgia, In Cole's Unsparing 'Thief'

Teju Cole writes of a young man's return to Nigeria in Every Day Is for the Thief. He says his narrator is "somebody who's been away a long time and doesn't want to pretty up the picture at all."