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In 'The Panopticon,' They're Always Watching

Jenni Fagan's debut novel, The Panopticon, is a creepy and troubled portrait of a girl lost in the system. The plot is loosely based on Fagan's experience growing up in foster care.

'The Telling Room': This Cheese Stands Alone

The Telling Room is a tale of friendship, betrayal, mythmaking, ancient history and, yes, really fabulous cheese. Author Michael Paterniti tells NPR's Linda Wertheimer that the more he learned about cheesemaker Ambrosio Molinos, the less he wanted the story to end.

Book News: Amazon Posts Loss As It Focuses On Long Game

Also: A literary magazine's dating service; Neil Gaiman makes a video game; the virtues of Barnes & Noble.
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"Rose Kennedy" With Barbara Perry

As the daughter, wife and mother of politicians in a family that has achieved iconic status, Rose Kennedy occupies a unique place in American history. A new biography sheds light on the often paradoxical nature of the woman who raised a political dynasty.

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Bookend: D.C. Native Elliott Holt Finds Acclaim With Debut Novel

In our monthly look at D.C.'s literary scene, we talk with Elliott Holt, whose debut novel, You Are One of Them, is generating lots of buzz.

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John Hunter: "World Peace And Other 4th-Grade Achievements"

In John Hunter's fourth grade classroom, students tackle global problems using a game. The teacher explains the World Peace Game and how it’s informed his education philosophy.


Book News: Jane Austen To Replace Darwin On The 10-Pound Note

Also: the history of blurbs; Buzzfeed launches a book section.

Reviews: 'The Color Master,' 'Byzantium' And 'This Is Paradise'

Reviewer Alan Cheuse brings us three short story collections to consider — The Color Master by Aimee Bender, Byzantium by Ben Stroud and This is Paradise by Kristiana Kahakauwila.
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Book Buying In The Digital Age

Can an algorithm ever really replicate the serendipity of stumbling across a new author in a book store?


'My Lunches With Orson' Puts You At The Table With Welles

For years, there were rumors that filmmaker Henry Jaglom had taped hours of his conversations with Orson Welles but that the tapes had been lost. They weren't. Now the transcripts have been released in a new book, edited and introduced by Peter Biskind.