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Book News: National Book Awards' '5 Under 35' Picks Are All Women

Also: J.K. Rowling will write a screenplay set in the magical world; Tina Brown is coming out with a memoir.

Death And The Aging Hipster: A Tale Of Intolerable Men

Norman Rush's newest novel takes a geographic hiatus from Botswana, his usual literary location. Instead, reviewer Drew Toal says the book is instead full of irritating intellectuals, postmortem scandal, and a group of collegiate clowns who come together after the death of an old friend.

How One Unkind Moment Gave Way To 'Wonder'

A chance encounter with a little girl in an ice cream store inspired R.J. Palacio to write a novel about a boy born with distorted facial features. She says it got her thinking about what it's like to "have to face a world every day that doesn't know how to face you back."
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Broken Trust: Resettling Iraqis Left Behind After War

We explore the plight of U.S.-affiliated workers in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan with Kirk Johnson, founder of the List Project to Resettle Iraqi Allies, and author of the new book, "To Be a Friend is Fatal."


J.K. Rowling To Write Screenplay For 'Harry Potter' Spinoff

The author of the incredibly successful Harry Potter books, which went on to be incredibly successful movies, has made a deal with Warner Bros. The plan is for a series of movies based on "Newt Scamander," writer of the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them textbook in the Potter stories.

Tired Of Inequality? One Economist Says It'll Only Get Worse

In his new book, Average Is Over, Tyler Cowen predicts that America will become a new, more creative meritocracy. Though he believes a rise in income inequality is inevitable, he hopes that "happiness inequality isn't going up in the same way."
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Edwidge Danticat: "Claire Of The Sea Light"

Haiti typically makes international headlines for stories about natural disasters, disease and poverty, but Haitian-born writer Edwidge Danticat continually challenges her audience to take a closer look. Danticat joins Kojo to talk about her first work of fiction since the 2010 earthquake, “Claire of the Sea Light.”


'Buck' Tells Of Wild Childhood In 'Killadelphia'

MK Asante grew up in in north Philadelphia or as he calls it, "Killadelphia." In his new memoir, Buck, he details how he went from a drug dealing delinquent to becoming a poet and professor. Host Michel Martin talks to Asante about why he turned his life around.

In These 'Gardens,' The Tree Rings Of The Radical Left

Jonathan Lethem's Dissident Gardens sketches a history of the American left that is at once intimate and expansive. Out of the lives of a few conflicted characters, reviewer Mohsin Hamid explains, the book lends depth and emotion to events that affected millions.

Hitting Terrorists Where It Hurts: Their Wallet

Since Sept. 11, one of the most effective ways the United States has found to weaken terrorist groups has been to go after their finances. Renee Montagne talks to former Treasury official Juan Zarate, who's new book is: Treasury's War: The Unleashing of a New Era of Financial Warfare.