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Book News: Asteroid Named For Iain Banks, Author Of Cosmic Fiction

Also: Harry Potter's Diagon Alley is now walkable, sort of, in Google Streetview; Jane Smiley on Alice Munro's retirement; a "review" of America.

Book News: Authors Lose Class-Action Status In Google Books Case

Also: Infiltrating Jane Austen summer camp; Cengage files for bankruptcy; Stephen Fry reads Oscar Wilde.

In A Campus-Bound Novel, A Thrilling, 'Educational' Affair

Susan Choi's new novel, My Education, is a study of relationships and how they end. Reviewer Meg Wolitzer says the book is a triumph for academic novels, portraying youth, love and naivete with exceptional style.

American Mystery Finds A New Voice On 'The Bohemian Highway'

This is the second mystery in Sara Gran's series featuring 40-ish bad-girl detective Claire DeWitt. Critic Maureen Corrigan says that reading a noir novel written by a Brooklyn-born author gave her a rush of private-eye, patriotic pride.
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Shirley Jones: "Shirley Jones: A Memoir"

Shirley Jones is best known for her starring roles in classic musicals like "Oklahoma!," "Carousel" and "The Music Man." And, of course, she portrayed one of TV's iconic moms in the '70s hit sitcom, "The Partridge Family." Fewer fans may know of her Oscar-winning dramatic role as a prostitute in the 1960 film "Elmer Gantry." Diane speaks with Shirley Jones about her career as a singer, actor and, now, an author.


Book News: Neil Gaiman Revives 'Sandman' Comic Series

Also: Reading Gabriel García Márquez in simulated space; drawings by Jorge Luis Borges and Sylvia Plath; Philipp Meyer on writing.

From Kids' Books To Erotica, Tomi Ungerer's 'Far Out' Life

The famed author and illustrator broke the rules of American children's literature in the '50s and '60s, but many Americans have never heard of him. A new documentary, Far Out Isn't Far Enough, looks at his life and work.
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Carol Burnett: "Carrie and Me: A Mother-Daughter Love Story" (Rebroadcast)

Even after The Carol Burnett Show ended its 11-year run, Carol Burnett did anything but slow down. She starred on television and performed on Broadway. Burnett also wrote a play with her daughter, Carrie Hamilton, which opened in 2002. But...

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Readers' Review: "The Art of Fielding" By Chad Harbach (Rebroadcast)

A novel about love, friendship, the pursuit of perfection and baseball. From our May Readers’ Review: "The Art of Fielding" by Chad Harbach.

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Nathaniel Philbrick: "Bunker Hill" (Rebroadcast)

Bunker Hill is among the best-known battles of the Revolutionary War. The role of ordinary citizens in the fight that changed the course of America's quest for independence.