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After Tragedy, 2 Families Find Their Own Justice In Louise Erdrich's 'LaRose'

When an Ojibwe hunter accidentally kills his friend's child, he sends his own son to live with the grieving family. Erdrich says tribal family ties are "extremely close" and "much more fluid."
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Nathaniel Philbrick: "Valiant Ambition"

A new history of the American Revolution by Nathaniel Philbrick, the best-selling author of "In the Heart of the Sea.” The story of how Benedict Arnold, America's most infamous traitor, unified a nation.


'There Was More I Wanted To Say': Kate Tempest Turns Hit Album Into A Novel

The rapper's debut album, Everybody Down, followed Becky and Harry, two Londoners struggling with love, work and drugs. Now her new book, The Bricks That Built The Houses, takes a look at their pasts.

Friend Or Fiend? 'Pit Bull' Explores The History Of America's Most Feared Dog

Author Bronwen Dickey says the idea of pit bulls as predators is based on myth and misinformation. In the early Hollywood era, Dickey says, the dogs were often chosen to appear in comedies.

Richard Russo Returns To North Bath, NY, In 'Everybody's Fool'

The Pulitzer-Prize winning author of Empire Falls says his characters are inspired by his parents' working-class World War II generation. Russo's new novel is set in a small town in upstate New York.

'Eleven Hours' Follows Two Soon-To-Be Moms In The Course Of One Labor

Pamela Erens' new book tells the story of a woman in labor and the nurse who helps her through it.

Chris Cleve's WWII Novel Draws From Family's Bravery

NPR's Lynn Neary asks Chris Cleve about his new novel Everyone Brave If Forgiven. He wanted to write about Randolph Churchill's World War II experiences but discovered surprising inspiration.

'Little Mosque' Creator Zarqa Nawaz On Mixing Comedy And Religion

The writer/filmmaker uses humor to help people understand Islam, but it took years for some mosque members to come around to her jokes. Nawaz's new memoir is called Laughing All The Way to the Mosque.

After 20 Years On The Job, NYC Police Officer Tells His Intense Stories

"Your heart is pounding; your adrenaline is shooting out of your ears," retired police officer Steve Osborne says. "And you got one second to get it right." Originally broadcast April 21, 2015.

Churchill Downer: The Forgotten Racial History Of Kentucky's State Song

"My Old Kentucky Home" is sung every year at the Kentucky Derby. Written in 1852 as an anti-slavery ballad, the song has a more sinister meaning upon closer examination.