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How An 1871 Disaster Helped Put An End To America's Whaling Dynasty

David Greene talks to Peter Nichols, author Oil and Ice, a book about a fleet of 33 whaling ships trapped in Arctic ice. Whalers and their families had to escape in tiny rowboats through miles of ice.

When 'One Breath' Tests Life: Author Explores Extreme Freediving

NPR's Rachel Martin talks to Adam Skolnick about his new book about the extreme sport of freediving. It's called One Breath, and it focuses on the death in 2013 of freediver Nick Mevoli.

'Manners And Mayhem': A Darker, Snarkier Side To Domesticity

NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with Helen Ellis, author of the book American Housewife. The book of short stories begins with the line - "Inspired by Beyonce, I stallion walk to the toaster."

'Geography Of Genius' Explores How Surroundings Influence Ideas

Author Eric Weiner identifies Renaissance Florence, Classical Athens and Silicon Valley as "genius clusters." And he explains how the right amount of friction and competition can help geniuses thrive.

Bones And Grooves: The Weird Secret History Of Soviet X-Ray Music

In Cold War Russia, getting your hands on an American rock record was close to impossible. But a few bootleggers found a way to hide their contraband in the last place anyone would think to look.

75 Years Of 'Pal Joey'

Penguin Classics has published a 75th Anniversary presentation of the John O'Hara novel, and the libretto and lyrics of the musical. Scott talks to Thomas Mallon, who wrote the book's forward.

Anonymous Football Player Details Fear Of Health Risks In 'NFL Confidential'

In part two of their conversation, NPR's Audie Cornish talks to an anonymous professional football player, whose new book is called NFL Confidential, about the fear of injury from playing football.

'NFL Confidential': Anonymous Player On Why He Loathes The League

From concussions to domestic violence, a current pro football player tells all about what's it really like on the gridiron and beyond in NFL Confidential: True Confessions from the Gutter of Football.
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Refugee Life In The "City of Thorns"

We learn about life in Dadaab, the world's largest refugee camp complex. And consider how people define 'home' in times of unrest.


Paramedic Shares His Wild Ride Treating 'A Thousand Naked Strangers'

Kevin Hazzard, who worked as an Atlanta paramedic, rescued people from choking, overdoses, cardiac arrest, gunshot wounds and a host of other medical emergencies. Respiratory calls were his favorites.