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How Girls Are Developing Earlier In An Age Of 'New Puberty'

Two doctors wrote a book that probes the environmental, biological and socioeconomic factors contributing to early puberty. These girls face risks like anxiety and depression, one author says.

P.D. James Believed Mysteries Were Made Of Clues, Not Coincidences

The best-selling author died Thursday. She was 94. In 1987, James told Terry Gross that while the "shock of finding the bodies is important" in her novels, she personally doesn't like "messy lives."

Historian Illustrates Racial Intolerance In The Northeast In Post-War U.S.

In his new book All Eyes Are Upon Us, Jason Sokol writes about how Northerners were blind to patterns of segregation, discrimination and racial violence in such states as New York and Massachusetts.

Pope Francis As Reformer, Evangelizer — And Doctrinal Conservative

Austen Ivereigh, author of a new biography of Pope Francis, says the media have misjudged the Pope's comments on abortion and homosexuality — but that Francis is a radical in other respects.

Backstage With Janis Joplin: Doubts, Drugs And Compassion

John Byrne Cooke was Janis Joplin's road manager from 1967 until her untimely death in 1970. So he saw a lot of rock history up close — and describes some of the details in a new memoir.

Art And Death Are Two Things At Once In 'How To Be Both'

It's hard to say where Ali Smith's new novel begins and ends; it depends on which copy you hold in your hands. She tells NPR's Scott Simon why she made two versions of How to be Both.

Chicken Confidential: How This Bird Came To Rule The Cultural Roost

Andrew Lawler's Why Did the Chicken Cross the World? explores the secret to the domesticated bird's success: "You can turn the chicken into almost anything," he says, from religious symbol to dinner.

Nigella Lawson Loves Leftovers And Knows How To Use Them

If you don't want to eat endless turkey sandwiches, there's plenty else you can make. David Greene talks to cookbook author Nigella Lawson about what to do with your Thanksgiving leftovers.

British Mystery Novelist P.D. James Dies At 94

The author of such books as The Black Tower was best-known for her series featuring Scotland Yard detective Adam Dalgliesh.

Box Of Love Letters Reveals Grandfather Didn't Escape WWII With 'Everyone'

Years after her grandfather's death, Sarah Wildman discovered letters from a young woman he'd left behind in Vienna in the 1930s. So Wildman set out to find her grandfather's true love.