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'Art Beat' With Sean Rameswaram, Sept. 12

Green art, underground art and Tel Aviv after hardship.


After Burn Injuries, Sept. 11 Survivor Shows 'Strength'

Lauren Manning was one of the few employees of her firm to survive the attacks on the World Trade Center, but suffered massive burn injuries. She credits her will to survive to the memory of her colleagues. "I took absolute personal responsibility that they wouldn't get another one," she says.

Sept. 11 Through The Eyes Of VII, Magnum And Life

Some of the most arresting images from Sept. 11 were collected by Life magazine, Magnum and VII.

Following 'Soldiers', To The Battlefield And Back

Heather Courtney's documentary is part war story, part small-town homecoming saga. Where Soldiers Come From follows a group of young Michigan men who sign up for the National Guard and serve together in Afghanistan.

'Heart Of A Soldier': An Opera At The Heart Of Sept. 11

A new opera tells the story of Rick Rescorla, head of security for Morgan Stanley, who helped thousands escape the south tower but lost his own life. The opera premieres Saturday night in San Francisco.

Three-Minute Fiction Round 7: Arriving And Leaving

For Round 7 of the writing contest, submissions must have a character come to town and someone leave town. Each piece of writing has to be read in less than three minutes, so no longer than 600 words. This round will be judged by author Danielle Evans.

Actor Henry Winkler Plays Not My Job

For kids in the 1970s, The Fonz was the epitome of cool. Henry Winkler played the '50s greaser on Happy Days, who got all the girls and made vending machines spit out free sodas with his fist. We've invited "Fonzie" to answer three questions about Ponzi schemes.

Battles For Survival, Small-Scale And Huge

Critic Bob Mondello looks at two new films — the domestic drama Warriors, and the viral-epidemic thriller Contagion — that get the fall moviegoing season off to a pleasantly substantial start.

Richard Engel: Covering War For A Decade

NBC News chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel details what it's like to report from some of the more dangerous war zones on the planet. He also discusses his recent dispatches from Egypt and Libya, where he was subject to tear gas attacks and artillery fire.

At Maison Lesage, Beauty Embroidered By Hand

Exquisite creations for the world's top designers are in the works at a 130-year-old embroidery studio in Paris. At Maison Lesage, a small army of highly skilled sewers — affectionately called petites mains, or "little hands" — draw, sew and embroider for the biggest names in fashion.