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In A High, Snowy World, A Quest For Self-Discovery

Author Marc Kaufman recommends this tale of an explorer on the hunt for a rare animal — and something more. The Snow Leopard shows that while we can't always find what we're looking for, we still get what we need.

Work, In Six Words

"I'm in it for the money." "It's a holiday. I'm still here." Summing up your work can be difficult — especially in six words. Smith Magazine has published a string of successful books in recent years with six-word memoirs. Contributors offer their life stories, brushes with fame, tales of love or pregnancy — and now their work story — in exactly six words. Magazine co-founder Larry Smith joins us as listeners share their six-word memoirs of work — from lessons learned to terrible bosses.

A 'Stuntman!' Discusses His Death-Defying Feats

Hal Needham worked as a Hollywood stuntman for over 40 years. He details some of his most death-defying feats (and why he can't stand modern special effects) in his memoir, Stuntman!

Bob Mondello's Fall Movie Preview: Thrills, Silence, And Harold And Kumar

Bob Mondello's fall movie preview anticipates the quiet of a jazz-age silent movie, the very George-Clooney-ness of a new political thriller, and an unrepentant Neil Patrick Harris in 3D.

San Francisco's Twisted Romance With 'Vertigo'

As part of our series, "On Location," we look at how Alfred Hitchcock turned a French novel into the signature film of the city by the bay, by matching the twists, turns and steep drops of the film's plot to the topography of the streets and bridges that make up its backdrop.

Three-Minute Fiction: Round 7

We have our judge, we have our writing prompt and now we have our date. Round 7 of our exclusive Three-Minute-Fiction contest starts Saturday, September 10.

Dream Weaver: This Guy's Quilts ROCK!

Ben Venom has turned heavy metal shredding into an art form, the kind you can cuddle up with on a cool night. He cuts up his old concert T-shirts and creates quilts that are way more Ozzy Osbourne than Ozzie and Harriet.