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Putumayo Delivers Latin, African Beats Worldwide

The Putumayo World Music record label is responsible for nearly 200 commercial releases around the globe. Guest host Jacki Lyden speaks with the company's founder and CEO Dan Storper about their two latest albums — Latin Beat and African Beat — and how the company fulfills its mission of delivering exceptional world music to a broad audience.
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‘Art Beat’ With Sean Rameswaram, Sept. 7

The Textile Museum recycles, MICA transitions and MetroStage gets Savage in Limbo.


NYC Firefighters Share Memories From Ground Zero

Firefighter Ken Haskell was off duty on Sept. 11, 2001, when his two brothers, also firefighters, died in the World Trade Center. Haskell's story of searching the rubble for his brothers' bodies is included in A Decade of Hope: Stories of Grief and Endurance from 9/11 Families and Friends.

Who Will Buy Hulu?

The streaming video site owned by the TV networks ABC, NBC and FOX is up for sale, and companies like Google and Amazon have shown interest in buying. But there are plenty of variables at play, including the fact that as soon as Hulu's current owners give up their stake, its valuable content could disappear.

Fingerboarding: Skateboarding Without 'Fear Factor'

After months of competition, 15 finalists, ranging in age from 14 to 24, competed for the title of national fingerboarding champion at the Tech Deck U.S. Fingerboarding Championships in New York City. Fingerboarding is a miniature version of skateboarding.

Thomas Friedman On 'How America Fell Behind'

In his new book, the New York Times columnist explores how the U.S. fell from industrial, political and academic glory after the Cold War. "Just when we needed to be lacing up our shoes and running faster, we put our feet up," he says.

Tiny Gems: Irish Stories That Sparkle And Charm

The sound of the sea, the smell of rain — what makes Ireland such a magical place? Maybe its writers like Claire Keegan who tease the nuance and grace out of everyday interactions. Author Keith Donohue says each of Keegan's stories is a morsel worth savoring.

Eddie Murphy Will Host The Oscars

Eddie Murphy may seem like a strange choice to host the Oscars, but in fact, he has a lot in common with other veterans of the job.
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'Art Beat' With Sean Rameswaram

Stand By Me turns 25, the Shakespeare Theatre Company takes on The Heir Apparent and Workhouse sticks with friends and family.


The 'Top Secret America' Created After Sept. 11

Washington Post national security reporter Dana Priest's book Top Secret America looks at the top-secret intelligence and counterterrorism network created after September 11. "No one knows how much money it costs, how many people it employs, [or] how many programs exist within it," she says.