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New 'Sesame Street' Deal Is All About Economics

Under a new partnership between HBO and Sesame Street, PBS stations will screen new episodes of the children's show nine months after they appear on HBO. NPR's Scott Simon talks to media correspondent David Folkenflik.

Canada's Historical Fare Reimagined For The Modern Diner

A restaurant in Toronto dives deep into centuries-old recipes to re-imagine what native Canadian cuisine means. It's part of a movement among chefs exploring heritage and identity through food.

'Evan Hansen' Makes Music Out Of Teen Angst And Anxiety

A new musical by Tony-nominated songwriters Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, Dear Evan Hansen is a comedic drama that deals with teen suicide in the age of social media.

Discovering Movies, And How Visions Are Seldom All They Seem

NPR film critic Bob Mondello remembers the first movie he ever saw in a theater — Sleeping Beauty — and what it meant to him.

Muslim Feminists Rewrite Boundaries On The Street And At Home

Mona Eltahawy says as a female in Saudi Arabia you have two options: "To lose your mind or become a feminist." Rafia Zakaria says it's crucial to reclaim the identity of the modern Muslim woman.

Letters: Greek Migrants, Summer Movies

NPR's Robert Siegel and Melissa Block read listener letters, including reaction to an interview about boatloads of migrants washing up on the Greek Island of Chios, and a Bob Mondello piece about good movies to cool you off on a hot summer's day.

'Show Me A Hero' Offers A Nuanced Take On Public Housing Discrimination

David Simon's new HBO mini-series, Show Me a Hero, examines racial biases in New York City's public housing laws. Critic David Bianculli says, "This 25-year-old true story couldn't seem more timely."

David Foster Wallace: The 'Fresh Air' Interview

In 1996, Wallace's novel Infinite Jest was a critical and popular success. The new movie The End of The Tour recreates the author's tour for that book. Originally broadcast March 5, 1997.

Jason Segel On Breakups, Bromances And 'Freaks And Geeks'

The star of the The End of the Tour may be best known for his "bromance" films. "These kind of buddy movies are allowing men to open up a little bit," Segel says. Originally broadcast March 23, 2009.
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Art Beat With Lauren Landau, Aug. 14, 2015

You can see a modern rock opera or check out a burlesque performance set to live music.