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The 'Justified' Finale Brings An End To Another TV Western

FX's powerful modern-day Western 'Justified' airs its series finale tonight. NPR TV Critic Eric Deggans says its end underscores the decline of a once-powerful TV genre.
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On National Mall, A Museum Building Prepares To Reopen Its Doors

The Arts and Industries Building is scheduled to be open for events in late 2015.

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Art Beat With Lauren Landau, April 14, 2015

You can see dance that takes its inspiration from Israel or a play featuring live piano music.


How Asian-Americans Found A Home In The World Of K-Pop

For all the unique "Asian-ness" of K-pop, many of its stars are American-born and raised. And now that K-pop's gone global, Asian-American artists are more at home than ever.

Take It From David Brooks: Career Success 'Doesn't Make You Happy'

The New York Times columnist wrote The Road to Character after seeing the gratitude for life of people who tutor immigrants. He thought, "I've achieved career success ... but I haven't achieved that."

Clear Fruit Brandies Pack An Orchard Into A Bottle

French-style eaux de vie have made a comeback in the U.S. thanks to the farm-to-table movement. Dozens of distilleries are now crafting dry, fragrant spirits from fruits that might have been wasted.


How The South Korean Government Made K-pop A Thing

K-pop — or Korean pop — makes its latest move toward the center of American pop culture with Nickelodeon's new show, Make It Pop. But beyond "Gangnam Style," how did K-pop evolve?

Sandwich Monday: Breakfast In A Tin

This week, we try a British delicacy: All Day Breakfast in a can. We may be using the word delicacy incorrectly.

Alan Turing Notebook Sells For More Than $1 Million At Auction

The manuscript dates to 1942, when the mathematician and computer science pioneer worked to break the German Enigma code. It is filled with complex mathematical and computer science notations.

How Young People Went Underground During The '70s 'Days Of Rage'

Bryan Burrough's new book describes the Weather Underground and other militant groups' tactics to protest the government. He interviews former radicals who had never gone on the record before.