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How Washington's Odd Couple Transformed Welfare

The new book The Professor and the President looks back at how Democratic Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan pushed the Nixon White House to embrace a relatively liberal plan.

Don't Let The Kasha Vanish: Diners Band Together To Save Café Edison

Also known as the Polish Tea Room, the Café Edison is a favorite of regular New Yorkers and Broadway stars and crew. Now, Jeff Lunden reports it's being threatened with eviction by its landlord.

Sandwich Monday: Doritos Loaded

For this week's Sandwich Monday, we try 7-Eleven's latest creation, Doritos Loaded. They're a vaguely Doritos-shaped fried thing stuffed with cheese.

Chris Rock On Finding The Line Between Funny And 'Too Far'

"No comedian wants to have to analyze and defend" jokes, says Rock, who wrote, directed and stars in the new film Top Five. He adds: "I'm not a politician; I'm not a thinker. I'm a comedian."

Spanish Artist Francisco Goya On Display In Boston: An Extraordinary Exhibit

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts has assembled one of the largest exhibits of Goya's artwork ever seen in the U.S. His paintings, prints and drawings range in technique from exquisitely refined to raw.

A Fleeting Peek At The Prince And The President

Prince William visited with President Obama in the Oval Office on Monday, where reporters were privy to inaudible small talk.
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Art Beat With Lauren Landau, Dec. 8

Two local theaters perform holidays shows, but on different ends of the entertainment spectrum.


Author Of 'Bridge To Terabithia': Messages Are Poison To Fiction

Katherine Paterson describes the inspiration behind her best-known children's book, as well as tales from her childhood in China and missionary work in Japan, in her new memoir, Stories of My Life.

Women Butchers Are Slicing Through The Meat World's Glass Ceiling

The meat industry traditionally has been a male-dominated field. But as demand for local meat grows, that's made more room for women to carve out ownership roles in the business.

Siblings Build A Butcher Shop For 'Meat'-Loving Vegans

Kale and Aubry Walch plan to open the country's first vegan butcher shop. Their goal: to free vegans from enduring yet another tofurkey holiday.