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Skipping The Ads On TV? Get Ready For The Shows That Are The Ads

Advertisers are looking for new ways to keep viewers from working around their advertisements. One way to do it is to just make the whole show into an ad, which is happening with products as diverse as Disney theme parks and Kenmore microwaves.
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'Art Beat' With Sean Rameswaram, Oct. 5

Army Choir

Flashpoint gets specific, Dance Exchange gets crafty, the American Art Museum gets Encuentros and St. John’s gets the U.S. Army Chorus.


DVD Picks: 'The Honeymooners'

Bob Mondello recommends a new box set that brings you some of the forgotten moments of one of television's most influential series.

How The Financial Crisis Created A 'New Third World'

In Boomerang, writer Michael Lewis tells the stories of the countries hit hardest by the 2008 financial crisis. He also profiles some people who bet against European governments and are likely to make millions if and when they default.

Sesame Street Tackles Child Hunger, One Muppet At A Time

It's no surprise that Sesame Street is tackling a tough issue. It's been doing that from the start in 1969. Just in the last year, the show has featured a story line where a parent loses a job, and another on parent death.

Stevens Chronicles 'Five Chiefs' Of The Supreme Court

John Paul Stevens' new memoir is framed as a discussion about the office of the chief justice; it includes a brief history of the nation's first 12 chief justices, followed by thorough descriptions of the five he knew well. Stevens, now 91, retired in 2010 after nearly 35 years on the Supreme Court.

Immigrants' Status Explored In 'Barbarian Nurseries'

In his new novel, Hector Tobar explores the inconsistencies in the country's dependence on illegal immigrants even as some Americans persist in keeping them at arm's length.
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'Art Beat' With Sean Rameswaram, Oct. 4

Shiny sculptures, Dandi and Gandhi, plus really exceptional bras.


Comedian Samantha Bee Makes A Parenting Meal Of 'Eating Over The Sink'

Comedian Samantha Bee may be familiar from The Daily Show, but now she's joined the ranks of parenting bloggers.

Denmark Taxes Butter And Fat, But Will It Work?

Denmark's population is not obese in large numbers, especially when compared to the U.S., Mexico, and the United Kingdom. And disgruntled Danes could just skip over to Sweden to buy butter and oil.