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'Art Beat' With Sean Rameswaram, Sept. 28

Romero Britto Cubism

Les Mis, colorful cubism, and complex portraits made with mishmash materials.


Engineers Survey Damage Of Washington Monument

The Park Service is undertaking a painstaking inspection of the Washington Monument to assess damage from the Aug. 23 earthquake that hit the area. The temblor opened up cracks in the 555-foot obelisk, and the Park Service says it will remain closed indefinitely while repairs are made. There are no serious structural problems, but concerns remain that debris could cause a safety hazard.

DVD Picks: 'Ben-Hur'

Bob Mondello looks at a new release of Ben-Hur and concludes that while a sparkly Blu-ray edition isn't as good as seeing this kind of spectacle on a big screen, it's a lot better than what's been available for years.

The 'Worm' That Could Bring Down The Internet

As many as 12 million computers worldwide have been infected with a highly encrypted computer worm called Conficker. Writer Mark Bowden details how Conficker was discovered, how it works, and the ongoing programming battle to bring down Conficker in his book Worm: The First Digital World War.

For One 'Wiseguy,' A Permanent Place In Mobster Lore

Wiseguy author Nicholas Pileggi shares the back story on Henry Hill — the central figure in the sensational mob tale that became the film GoodFellas.

Bill O'Reilly: 'Abraham Lincoln Was Our Best Leader'

In Killing Lincoln, Fox News host Bill O'Reilly and co-author Martin Dugard explore the life, death and legacy of America's 16th president. "I think Abraham Lincoln would be proud of his country today," O'Reilly says.
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'Art Beat' With Sean Rameswaram, Sept. 27

Marnie Stern rocks Red Palace, Colorado Contrasts come to Artisphere and it’s 451 degrees in Bethesda.


'Heart And Soul': An African-American History

Illustrator and author Kadir Nelson tells the African-American story — from Colonial times through the civil rights movement — in his new children's book, Heart and Soul.

Lemongrass Brings Essential Spark To Southeast Asian Cooking

Lemongrass is prized in Southeast Asia for lightening meat dishes and keeping powerful seafood flavors in check, as well as imparting its own unique citrusy, herbal flavor. The Thai people have also traditionally prized lemongrass as a digestive aid.

Bill T. Jones Takes Broadway Hit 'Fela!' On Tour

Award-winning choreographer Bill T. Jones joins NPR's Neal Conan to discuss Fela!, his hit musical about the life of Nigerian musician and human rights activist Fela Kuti. The show kicks off a national tour this month.