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Three-Minute Fiction: Round 7

We have our judge, we have our writing prompt and now we have our date. Round 7 of our exclusive Three-Minute-Fiction contest starts Saturday, September 10.

Dream Weaver: This Guy's Quilts ROCK!

Ben Venom has turned heavy metal shredding into an art form, the kind you can cuddle up with on a cool night. He cuts up his old concert T-shirts and creates quilts that are way more Ozzy Osbourne than Ozzie and Harriet.

A 'Showdown' That Changed Football's Racial History

Much of the NFL integrated in the 1940s. The Washington Redskins held out until 1962. In a new book, historian Thomas G. Smith writes about how it took an ultimatum from the Kennedy administration to allow blacks into pro football in the nation's capital.

Labor Day Plans From Tell Me More

The first Labor Day was celebrated in N.Y. on September 5, 1882. Some of today's Americans are spending the holiday by the pool, in the kitchen or around the yard. Sharing their plans are members of Tell Me More: Sanaz Meshkinpour, Argin Hutchins, Amy Ta, Amita Parashar, Malik Washington, Emily Ochsenschlager, Aemon Malone and Sarah Ventre.

In America, Too Much 'All Work, No Play'?

With kids wailing and the to-do list piling up, relaxing may prove an elusive ideal. Guest host Jacki Lyden discusses work-life balance with Chris Licht, vice president of programming at CBS News and author of What I Learned When I Almost Died; Arnoldo Borjo, a community organizer for the Legal Aid Justice Center in Northern Virginia; and Bertice Berry, sociologist, lecturer and author of A Year to Wellness.

On Location: Minneapolis Rock City Of 'Purple Rain'

The movie that gave Prince his screen debut was also an ode to the diverse music scene of the artist's home town. In 1984, when the movie came out, funk, R&B and indie and punk rock all thrived. Locals say that today, that diversity is the movie's legacy.

'We The Animals' Delivers A Fiery Ode To Boyhood

Justin Torres' debut novel is a welterweight champ of a book. It tells the story of three brothers growing up in a family that is both fiercely loyal and violently chaotic. Together, they endure their parents, their poverty and, of course, each other.

Irony In The Post-9/11 Age: Comedy And Tragedy As 'Very Strange Roommates'

Neda Ulaby reports that for all that comedy has faced since Sept. 11, reports that irony would fizzle out turned out to be greatly exaggerated. Comedy, like anything else, adapts.