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What Role Do Relationships Play In Learning?

Veteran teacher Rita Pierson believes that relationships are crucial to education. She talks about how classrooms lack the kind of human connections kids need to feel inspired and to learn.
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Art Beat With Lauren Landau, May 3

This weekend you can dance to the beat of your own drummer, or sit back and relax while the professionals show you how it's done.


In 'Iron Man 3,' A Metalhead Gets The Blues

Wiseacre billionaire Tony Stark, uncharacteristically anxious since the events of 2012's The Avengers, must face down a domestic terrorist without backup from his buddies in the latest installment of the Marvel franchise.

Book News: Putin Biographer To Write Book On Tsarnaev Brothers

Also: Claire Messud tears into an interviewer; a mashup of Marx and Cosmo; Joyce Carol Oates looks at Julian Barnes.
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Art Beat With Lauren Landau, May 2

You can enjoy the sights and sounds of spring at two art exhibitions and an evening of fiction and music.


Chicken Diapers? Urban Farming Spawns Accessory Lines

As urban chicken farms grow in popularity, many people are bringing the birds into their homes. They need the right equipment to keep them clean. So several business have popped up online, offering everything from custom-sized diapers and leash-ready saddles to chicken caviar.

The Strategy Of Putting Politics On TV

The last couple of years have seen a proliferation of politically-themed television, including Scandal, Veep and House of Cards. Reporter, columnist and TV analyst Jonathan Alter talks about his new political satire Alpha House, and what's changed in how entertainment television does politics.

Two Indie Directors Go Confidently Mainstream

Jeff Nichols and Ramin Bahrani made names with small, low-budget movies: Nichols with Take Shelter and Bahrani with Man Push Cart. Both have now directed big-budget films with big stars: Nichols' Mud features Matthew McConaughey, and Bahrani's At Any Price stars Dennis Quaid and Zac Efron.

The Real Costs Of Cheap Fashion

The collapse of a Bangladesh clothing factory building has renewed worries about the ethics of the fashion industry. Host Michel Martin speaks with Pulitzer Prize winning fashion critic Robin Givhan about the real costs of cheap fashion.