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340 Tons Of Art: 'Levitated Mass' To Rock L.A.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is about to unveil its newest installation — a 340-ton boulder that visitors will be able to walk right under. It's called Levitated Mass, and it's taken a custom hauling job, about $10 million and more than 40 years to get it where it is today.

Facing Up To Bullies, Everywhere But On Reality TV

The fight against bullying has become increasingly high profile over the past couple of years, drawing in many big-name celebrities. But in the world of reality TV, says commentator Eric Deggans, bullying is alive and well as a profitable career move.
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Staying Cool At Montgomery County Police Adventure Camp

Montgomery County is reaching out to the area's youngest citizens this week with their Police Adventure Camp, and fun abounds, heat wave or not.


Sail Into Summer With Novel Picks From Alan Cheuse

Hang on tight. These five new works of fiction will take you on an exhilarating ride. Brace yourself for a noir he-said-she-said, an R-rated version of Marie Antoinette's life and death, a haunting tale from a back-to-nature commune and Toni Morrison's lush Home.
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Conversations At The American Film Institute With The Great Moviemakers: The Next Generation"

The American Film Institute’s founding director George Stevens offers an inside look at the art and craft of making movies. His new book presents conversations between students and moviemakers from the 1950s to Hollywood today.


Jeff Daniels: Anchoring The Cast Of 'The Newsroom'

The actor stars in Aaron Sorkin's new HBO drama The Newsroom, playing an anchorman inspired to give up fluff pieces and return to hard-hitting journalism.
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Art Beat With Sean Rameswaram, June 20

Summer solstice, World Refugee Day, and ethical threads.


Hollywood Dreams Of Wealth, Youth And Beauty

American movies have been telling stories that idealize hard work, strong character and the rise of the little man for decades. But there's always a catch. NPR's Bob Mondello looks at what Hollywood means when it talks about the American dream.

For One Counterfeiter, It's Art, Not A Crime

Hans-Jurgen Kuhl started painting at ten and in his 20s, experimented with clothing design. Later in life he discovered his greatest art form — counterfeiting money. In a piece for Wired, contributing editor David Wolman tells the story of Kuhl, who viewed his work fabricating $100 bills as art.