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Herzog Plumbs Guilt And Loss Wrought By Texting And Driving

Werner Herzog's latest project is a slight departure for the acclaimed filmmaker: a 35-minute public service announcement on the dangers of texting and driving. Yes, it's long, he says, but the "inner landscape" of great suffering such accidents can cause "can only be shown if you have more time."

Can Quinoa Farming Go Global Without Leaving Andeans Behind?

At a "quinoa summit" this week, farmers from around the world are trading tips on how to turn this ancient Andean grain into a large-scale crop. Some Andean farmers who currently grow quinoa are asking, "What happens to us?"

Drowning In Zucchini? 3 Recipes Can Help

Zucchini is the gift that keeps on giving — until it's really not such a great gift anymore. We asked three cooks which recipes they turn to when they're tired of the prodigious vegetables.

A Gossipy, Nostalgic History Of A Publishing 'Hothouse'

The prestigious publishing company Farrar, Straus and Giroux helped define the intellectual life of post-World War II America. Boris Kachka's book explores the company's history, from its founding in 1946 to its sale to a German conglomerate in 1994 and beyond.

Of Neurons And Memories: Inside The 'Secret World Of Sleep'

Think of everything your brain processes in a single day: your breakfast, a stain on a book cover, a meeting at work. If you remembered all those things, your brain would reach capacity. Author and neuroscientist Penelope Lewis says sleep helps sort through the memories that are worth keeping.

How To Draw Out Your Worst Fears

One artist pushed past a creative block by talking candidly about people's deepest fears.

Island Reads: Finding Out Ancestors Were Slave Owners

Andrea Stuart found that one of her ancestors owned some of her other relatives. She tells their unheard story in the book Sugar in the Blood. Guest host Celeste Headlee talks with Stuart about her family history, the moral complexity of slavery and finding roots in the past.
Sunday, September 29, 2013

Turkish Festival

The annual Turkish Festival is one of the premier cultural events in Washington, D.C. The festival will take place on Freedom Plaza on Sunday, September 29th and will offer a full day of free activities that range from lively folk dancing and musical performances to arts and crafts activities for children and adults.


If You Liked That Wine, You Should've Put A Ring On It

An art student has designed a line of jewelry specifically for tasting wine and cognac. One ring perches a petite wineglass atop your finger. Another is a miniature snifter. The spirit sippers aren't available for purchase, but if you're itching to don your stemware, try an old-fashioned tastevin.

Can Paula Deen Recover (And Who Really Pays If She Doesn't)?

The celebrity chef no longer faces charges of racial discrimination, but her public image has already been battered. That's a problem not only for Deen but for hundreds of workers who make her products. Stars dogged by scandal have always lost endorsement deals; now they can take down entire companies.