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Can Paula Deen Recover (And Who Really Pays If She Doesn't)?

The celebrity chef no longer faces charges of racial discrimination, but her public image has already been battered. That's a problem not only for Deen but for hundreds of workers who make her products. Stars dogged by scandal have always lost endorsement deals; now they can take down entire companies.
Thursday, September 12, 2013

Artisphere: Andy Warhol Silver Clouds

Andy Warhol's mesmerizing Silver Clouds are floating toward the DC region for the first time and will land at Artisphere on September 12.

Book News: Slam Poet's 'OCD' Love Poem Makes Waves

Also: Katherine Boo, Robert Hass win PEN Literary Awards; gender at The New York Review of Books; John Cheever's prison visit.

In 'Alphabet' Mysteries, 'S' Is Really For Santa Barbara

Private investigator Kinsey Millhone is one of the most well-known characters in modern crime fiction, but there's another star in Sue Grafton's thrillers: the fictional city of Santa Teresa, based on Santa Barbara, Calif.

Shipping: The 'Invisible Industry' That Clothes And Feeds You

Rose George spent several weeks aboard a container ship to research Ninety Percent of Everything, her book about the shipping industry. She writes, "There are more than one hundred thousand ships at sea carrying all the solids, liquids and gases that we need to live."

Book News: Handwriting Offers Clues In Shakespeare Debate

Also: Foreign Policy's blog The Cable says there's fresh evidence the CIA kept tabs on Noam Chomsky; new books from Dave Eggers and Ron Burgundy.

The Vintage Cadillac With The Memphis Soundtrack

Tad Pierson has made a career out of his love for cars and American music. He says there are "fewer and fewer real-deal places to go and hear the real stuff," but it's his job to find and share it — one carload of listeners at a time.

In Iraq, Laying Claim To The Kebab

The Iraqis, among many other Middle Easterners, believe they invented the kebab. The skewered meat dish appears as early as the 9th century in a book from the southern city of Basra called The Book of Misers.

Beyond Books: Libraries Lend Fishing Poles, Pans And People

Librarians have to get creative to reach out beyond their faithful fans and engage with more members of their communities. So some libraries have started lending out tools like fishing poles, and others offer "human books" — volunteers with special expertise or interesting experiences.

Chipotle Is Keeping Its Meat Antibiotic-Free After All

Chipotle isn't changing its ban on meat raised with antibiotics after all, despite headlines to the contrary, a spokesman for the Mexican-fast-food chain tells NPR. According to an official statement from Chipotle, the chain's antibiotic ban still stands. For now.