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Uncomfortable In America, Young Immigrant Says Goodbye

Tiffanie Drayton's mother moved her family to the U-S for a better life. But it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Now back in her native Trinidad, Drayton tells host Michel Martin what inspired her to share her story in the Salon piece 'Goodbye to my American Dream.' Byline: Michel Martin

Is Obama Snubbing Russia?

Was President Obama's cancelled meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin a silly snub or smart diplomatic strategy? The Barbershop guys offer a fresh cut on the week's news.

A 'Curb'-Like Comedy And The Return Of 'Breaking Bad'

This weekend, AMC begins showing the final episodes of its acclaimed drama series, and launches a new one: Low Winter Sun. Meanwhile, HBO presents its newest made-for-TV movie — this one a comedy, starring and co-written by Larry David.
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African Diaspora International Film Festival

The 7th Annual African Diaspora International Film Festival returns to D.C. with films highlighting the experience of people of African descent and people of color around the world.


Book News: Barbara Mertz, Mystery Novelist Of Many Names, Dies

Also: Flannery O'Connor's pet peacocks; Pamela Erens on Middlemarch; a new book by George Saunders.

Clinton Movie Projects Criticized By Both Sides Of The Aisle

News that NBC plans to make a mini-series about Hillary Clinton and CNN will commission a documentary about her, sparked controversy this week. The Republican National Committee and a liberal media watchdog group have denounced the projects as promoting Clinton's possible bid for the presidency. David Greene talks with reporter Kim Masters, of The Hollywood Reporter, about the dispute. She also hosts The Business on member station KCRW.

The Changing Story Of Teens And Cars

When you're a teenager, there are many things you desperately want to find: friends, fun, a future, freedom. In American Graffiti, the iconic movie about teenagers set in 1962, the kids find all of that just by getting in their cars. But today, teens say they don't see cars the same way.

'Dork Diaries' Reveal Secrets Of 'Not-So-Fabulous' Teen Life

Rachel Renee Russell's very popular series stars a not-so-popular protagonist. The Dork Diaries are written by Nikki Maxwell, a misfit at a new school. Russell was inspired to write the books after seeing her own daughters struggle with the "dork" label during their teenage years.

Don't Let The Price Of Pine Nuts Keep You From Pesto

Hungry bugs and warmer temperatures mean pine trees aren't producing as many seeds as they once did, driving up the cost of Italian pine nuts to $120 per pound in some cases. Cookbook author Julia della Croce found a colorful — and delicious — alternative in pistachios.

Spike Lee: Doing The Right Thing For Himself

The legendary filmmaker is using the fundraising website Kickstarter to raise money for his latest movie — and he's drawing some criticism for it. He talks to host Michel Martin about funding his own films and the state of the industry today.